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Re: Podcast Topic suggestions
« Reply #555 on: July 17, 2016, 09:27:50 PM »
Rat kings are an interesting phenomenon that appear to be kind of on the border between cryptozoology and general biology. I think this would make for a fun topic, as crypto-stuff usually does (imho).

Also, bit of a long shot, since I know the SGU doesn't do politics, but recently I've become more interested in the Iraq war, its motivations and its consequences. I realize it's a minefield, so it will be controversial, but from my admittedly limited excursion into this topic, there may be a bit more to (in particular) the whole Iraq WMD discussion than there at first appears to be in the narrative one hears in most of the press (at least on my side of the political divide, which tends to be more towards the left). That is, even after more than a decade, it is an interesting, controversial topic with a big impact, but which can be fact checked, that I don't think has been given its fair due in the skeptical community.
I was thinking of plugging a lecture here on that topic, but actually, I'd rather hear what others come up with by themselves (though if you're interested, shoot me a PM).

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A few topic ideas and a study suggestion
« Reply #556 on: July 27, 2016, 05:54:08 PM »
I might do this myself, and it would be cool to see other fans of the show with more time and knowhow do it also - How about a count of topics?  Really this may boil down to a chart of word frequency use.  Take all the text of all the show notes and do a word usage analysis.  The objective would be to see which topics are getting the most play and the least play.  Using this and other tools would help keep the show lively if the team makes decisions from such data.  In other words, use science based tools to keep track of what is covered and leverage those tools to improve the show

Topic ideas:
  • NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming): I'm still troubled that there was a NECSS conference section teaching the methods of this technique while the show has not taken on this subject
  • Hypnosis: my gut tells me this is not addressed frequently on the show and I'm really struggling with the info online about the evidence for efficacy
  • Mindfulness and Meditation