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Hello everyone!

I'm Jamie. I'm from the SF Bay Area. I'm working on starting a career in education. I was a bio major in college, and I like cephalopods. I'm hoping to visit the Tentacles exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium soon.

I started listening to the SGU in September of 2012, starting from episode 76. (I couldn't get the older ones for some reason.) I recently caught up to current episodes in June 2014. (Whoo! 8 years of episodes in 21 months!) I'm a little disappointed I don't have a ton of SGU to listen to on my drives and lunch breaks though.

I found my way to skepticism and atheism initially through Phil Plait. Before, religion was not a concern for me, which is easy in a liberal area like the SF Bay Area. I was just really into science. After graduating, I wanted to learn more astronomy and astrophysics (I enjoyed physics in college), so I found Phil's youtube channels (who remembers his minty in his demos?), which were infested with creationists. I guess it was actually those creationists that are responsible for turning me atheist. Up until that point, I thought creationists were a thing of the past. My high school bio teacher talked about them and the case in Kansas briefly, but I thought that was the end of it. I got into youtube atheism and debunking creationism. Then I discovered Richard Dawkins and his books. Through those and Phil mentioning some blog award, I found Pharyngula. I've been a regular lurker there for the past 4 or 5 years. This is around the time I started my regular 9-to-5 job, so that meant less watching videos and more reading blogs. Pharyngula was where I learned about Rebecca Watson and elevatorgate, which ultimately led me to the SGU.

So after listening to the SGU for about 2 years, I've finally ventured onto the SGU forums. I actually came here to see what info you all have on buying mattresses. I actually just left a comment in the thread here about buying mattresses and left some of the info I found on my own there. Here are the two main links if anyone is interested:

I think a lot of people here will appreciate those sources' attempts to educate consumers on research-based approach to finding a good mattress.
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