Author Topic: List of the Very Best TV Shows  (Read 42471 times)

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Re: List of the Very Best TV Shows
« Reply #885 on: March 28, 2017, 10:29:43 AM »
I dont think Homeland is more realistic at all.

Right.  Because during the Cold War, Russian agents killed Americans on a weekly basis.

It was a fun show but the premise is actually kind of absurd.

For the first 4 seasons I basically agree with you.  For the final time—and I will make this as clear as I can—EVERYTHING CHANGES BEGINNING WITH SEASON 5.

No matter what you thought of the first four seasons, Season 5 is a reset.  Watch season 5 or don't.  But the show changes so much at this point, the relevance of of the first 4 seasons is questionable.

I agree and have been enjoying season 5 a lot more than the past few seasons.