After reading the game premise, which subjects would you consider playing?

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TV Shows
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Music - Artists
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Author Topic: Deserted Island Drafts  (Read 38 times)

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Deserted Island Drafts
« on: June 26, 2016, 02:55:53 PM »
I asked this same question a couple years ago and got a decent response, but the thread got lost in the second great forum crash. So I'm resurrecting it again...

Deserted Island Draft Game

Contrived Premise
Imagine that each player is stranded on a different deserted island with enough food, water and shelter to live a long life. But each of you have no entertainment of any kind and no contact with other players or the outside world. Through cosmic forces you get to choose a set of your favorite X to be with you on the island, where X can be an item belonging to a specific subject (some possible subjects are listed in the poll, only one subject is selected for a given game). The catch is that you can't get the same items as other players, so you take turns drafting your favorites.

Real Premise
This is just a game for people to pick their favorite items from a given subject. The fun is that others are picking as well, so you have to strategize to get a final set that you like. It's interesting in that you get to see others' favorites and styles. You may also be exposed to more obscure items that you otherwise wouldn't know about.

If we get enough interest and start a game, I'll lay down the full rules then. Basically, the commissioner randomly selects a draft order. Players have 24 hours to make a pick when it's their turn. Once they pick or the 24 hours is up, the next player can pick. (Players who miss their turn can make it up at any time, but you risk not getting the item you like.) You can't pick something somebody else already picked. Each subject will have its own guidelines on what counts as an item and what counts as a duplicate.

Winning the Game
This is all entirely subjective stuff, so winning the game isn't really the point. But after drafting is done and the lists are built, we have forum members vote on which lists they like better, pitting lists against each other tournament style until a single list is crowned the winner.

Let's pretend that the Rogues are playing. The subject is Sodas/Pop/Coke. The commish randomly selected the draft order and it was:
:bob: :evan: :jay: :steve: :cara:

The draft might go something like this:

Round 1
:bob:: "I choose Pepsi. It's not my favorite but I don't expect it to get back to me before my next turn and my favorite is more obscure."
:evan:: "I'll go with Dr. Pepper. It tastes good."
:jay:: "My favorite of all time has to be RC Cola. So I'm taking that with my first pick."
:steve: "How can nobody take the most popular coke ever... Coke! Specifically I'm taking Coca Cola Classic."
:cara: "Dang it! I really wanted Coke. So close. I'll choose Sprite."

Round 2
:cara:: "For round 2, I'll pick Diet Coke."
:steve:: "I'm going with Diet Coke Cherry here. Rules say that it's different than Diet Coke."
:jay:: "Ok, then I'll take Diet Cherry Coke. I found it listed online separately from Diet Coke Cherry."
Commisioner: "Uh, no. They're the same. Try again, Jay."
:jay:: "Whatever. I'll take Sunkist."
:evan:: "I'm picking Diet Dr. Pepper. I might just fill my island with only Dr. Pepper products."
:bob:: "A&W Root Beer."

... a couple weeks later ...

Round 10
:cara:: "I need a root beer on my island, so I'm going with Mug Root Beer."
:steve:: "I'll take Diet Caffeine Free Cherry Coke."
:jay:: "Dang it, why didn't I think of that? I pick Folgers."
Commisioner: "That's not a soda, Jay. Try again."
:jay:: "Whatever. I'll take Shasta Strawberry."
:evan:: "I once had a delicious Bluna in Australia. That's my pick."
:bob:: "7up!"

... and then people vote and Evan wins because a lot of Australians were online that week. The End.

And finally...
This Poll / Subjects
So what subjects can you do the draft on? I put 6 options in the poll, but we can do any that there is interest in, even sodas. Remember, there is one subject per game. Once we pick the subject we define the rules for what counts and what doesn't. Please vote for any subject you might be interested in playing and post any "Other" ideas you have.

Ideally, we'd get 10-12 players to have the most fun/diversity in styles/etc. I'd do the game with 8 people and would consider running it with fewer if people are really interested. The poll closes in a week and I'll check in to see where we are next Tuesday (as opposed to this Tuesday) and get things going if there's interest. If multiple subjects get interest, we'll do the most popular first and then play again with the next one if people like it.