Author Topic: Twitter your random excersize thoughts and workout experiences.  (Read 41431 times)

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Re: Twitter your random excersize thoughts and workout experiences.
« Reply #930 on: June 29, 2016, 09:25:09 PM »
Starting to get back into yoga. I had fallen off the wagon so hard. Somethings are easier now than others like I'm getting my heels closer to the ground with straighter legs in my downward doges- but other things still suck donkey nuts (basically if it involves balancing, shit ain't gonna happen.

I have kind of laid off on pole. I hadn't been happy with my current studio and am preparing to start taking regular classes at another one. I also ordered a pole for home to practice on- which may increase my motivation to work out (i.e. doing strength drills and practicing free dancing and tricks) using it since it's right here rather than driving across town for class (though I'll still take classes).

I have also gained back an undesired amount of weight (stress-eatng from job hunt and interviewing and finally the whole process about the job offer + quitting my old job, celebratory eating for when I got my new job, then just being a slothful asshole who just wouldn't go to work out because exhausted from my new job because it's so much to learn. So I started my calorie restriction but I upped my protein and veggie intake in order to build muscle which has led me to find some really tasty meals to make (and reminding me of my love for cottage cheese). While I'm not going LCHF- I'm just avoiding grain-items because I have virtually no self control and WILL EAT IT ALL.

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Re: Twitter your random excersize thoughts and workout experiences.
« Reply #931 on: June 29, 2016, 11:41:59 PM »
A solid, intense, but short gym after a 16 hour fast. I really like it.  Just starting to get hungry before the first round of box jumps, or whatever, and the next hunger comes as I prepare a rather giant and delightful breakfast at 1600.  Had a few pintos in the mix today.  Went well with the gift of homegrown/made salsa a mate gave me.  Yum.
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Cancelled my gym membership and personal training today.  It's hard for me to keep PT appointments because my health and energy levels are so variable from day to day.  I already have workout equipment in my basement, so I'm going to focus on working out when I do feel good, at a pace I'm comfortable with.  I'm trying to stay active and healthy, but sometimes my body thwarts me with chronic pain.  I think I've been in pain for 4 years straight, and I'm trying really hard to make it stop.  <-- Play Scrabble with me!