Author Topic: Games We've Recently Played (And Wot We Fink)  (Read 21928 times)

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Re: Games We've Recently Played (And Wot We Fink)
« Reply #375 on: January 06, 2017, 12:35:00 PM »
Playing Destiny on the Xbox One. Had rented it on the 360, before, without expansions, so I was capped below the max level.

Now I can access end-game content, and it's cool, but I can see an endless MMO grind before me. It is way addictive. I have my first 350-power weapon, which is pretty cool. I think the random drops get better as your light level goes up? It's kind of a cool mechanic, but it also means your progress is slowed down, and the only time you get a real boost is when you have enough legendary marks to buy high-level items, like my new gun.

But more importantly, the gameplay is so tight. I don't know how Bungie made those guns feel so good to shoot with. Missions and PvP are endlessly interesting.
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Re: Games We've Recently Played (And Wot We Fink)
« Reply #376 on: January 06, 2017, 07:02:32 PM »
Mini Metro (on iOS, but also available on PC) - 10/10

I spent more time with this game than with my family over the holidays.  That should be enough of a review.

This game will inevitably build in your soul a hatred of circles.

I played the hell out of that when it was in beta, I had to walk away because it was such a time sink.
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Re: Games We've Recently Played (And Wot We Fink)
« Reply #377 on: January 09, 2017, 04:41:26 PM »
Transport Fever


I think it's more like a Transport Mild Cold.  It scratches that Railroad Tycoon itch, but not in a way that's super satisfying.  The sandbox game generates a random terrain that's often infuriatingly difficult to optimize.  The level of difficulty varies somewhat depending on how lucky you were with the generator seed.

These kinds of games tend to be pretty glitchy and there's a fair share of "what the ..." moments when building rails or roads where the algorithm picks a terrible path, especially if you're making really long segments.  But it's more stable than I remember the last Tycoon being, so there's that.

The depth of the stuff you play with, from production chains to transport is a mixed bag.  They have ships and planes which is cool, but the production chains are not particularly varied.  On the other hand that's kind of a blessing given how the random map generator flings steel mills far away from from iron and coal mines sometimes.

The bottom line is that if you just need a Railroad Tycoon game, it'll do.  If you also need depth and polish, it won't.