Author Topic: Chinese factory replaces 90% of workers with robots. Production rises by 250%  (Read 865 times)

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I don't think imposing sterility and such can be considered a serious topic, when we also have large political movements that are actively working to stop people from being able to freely control their own reproduction.

We know that providing affordable reproductive healthcare and free access to birth control helps significantly reduce pregnancy rates. There's no reason to be shady about it, at least not until we've tried offering the means to everyone, everywhere. And have educated everyone about it. Make sterilization free. Once we achieve maximum access to the means for people to willingly prevent reproduction, we'll be able to see if doing anything else is necessary. I very much doubt it, we have plenty of examples of countries with fertility rates well below replacement. They're not all China.

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These sudden large scale factory layoffs are going to be pretty common

Step 1: Make a company
Step 2: Hire humans to build company until you can afford robots
Step 3: When you can afford to buy robots and automation, replace your workforce.
Step 4: Profit

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The problem is that if a big chunk of the population isn't earning and spending then what is going to drive demand for the robot-produced goods in the economy? Maybe there will be a social push for buying products produced by human labour where the advantages gained by automation are marginal. This assumes the robots themselves aren't earning and spending, in which case we (humans) are in big trouble.