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Re: Secular Karma
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I had a discussion on this topic recently. I was asked “If I believe in Karma”. My response was something like this:
I do not believe in Karma as any sort of magical, invisible or meta-physical force. I see it as the consequence of a series of linked events that are complex enough to be very difficult to track and/or are often overlooked. I believe Karma, as I use the word, is nothing more than statistical probability resulting from social interactions.

I have always found profound wisdom in my grandfather. He once took me along with him to help an acquaintance of his move. I asked why we were going as I did not think he liked the person very much. He responded, “I’m not doing it because I like him. I am doing it because I might need to move someday.”  Now we all know the world is not fair and that such acts have no guarantee of a return. But I think we can all agree that the more people you help move the more likely you will have people show up the day you need to move.  This is obviously a simple and specific example, but one that I think illustrates the larger point.

So yes I do believe in Karma, though my definition is unlikely to satisfy that of others. Some people might get hung up on the word believe. I use it simply because I cannot point to much evidence to support my claim. Just a long series of anecdotes that have served me well.  I do attempt to adhere to this philosophy in my daily life.

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Re: Secular Karma
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Knightrunner describes this well.  "Statistical Karma" existed before there was language to describe it. And the first language available to describe it was not math, rather God-language. Thus religious Karma emerges.

I have studied a lot of theology and only late began to see much of theology this way. Ethical choice, for instance, existed before there was recognizable human language, and the first available language was "God-language."
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Re: Secular Karma
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Wow i am fantastically dumb.
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