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I'm not a JW, but I sure am glad my grandparents got the hell out of there. It was a repressive police state under the Czars, it was a repressive police state under the CP, and it's a repressive police state under Putin.

A recent This American Life talked about how Putin finances the "opposition." His propaganda minister creates the opposition parties, which has the double benefit of giving the world the impression of an open political system and providing an "acceptable" venue for "protest."
Games / Re: mobile games
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I like Dandy Dungeon a lot.
TV & Movies / Re: List of the Very Best TV Shows
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Finished Occupation on Netflix. I really enjoyed it. Not sure why it got such lousy reviews on netflix. The thing was made in 2015 but seems almost like a commentary on today. The only issue I have with it is the story isn't wrapped up in season 1. Clearly they saw this as going a couple seasons. It does, however, appear they will be making a season 2.

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Went to the March for Science in Hamilton.

It's a smaller city near Toronto. But we got a pretty good crowd. I was impressed by the large number of women and young girls there. Interesting how many people at that march also were at the Women's March on Washington a few months back.

The protest sign my fiance and I carried:

Sadly, some flat earthers showed up. And not the "this is parody" kind.

One speaker quipped how they demonstrate the need for science education. We figured out we were living on a sphere back in the third century BC.
Forum Games / Re: Skeptical Hangman
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Used: E, N, O, T

-O NOT -O--- --O-T -O-- --------T-E- -N --T-E--T---;
- --N -----E -O- T--T --NE --E -T--- --E-TE-.
Sam Harris talks to Charles Murray about the bell curve, race and intelligence, universal basic income, cognitive elite/meritocracy and other topics. Extremely interesting, and brave conversation by Sam Harris who really has nothing to gain by broaching the subject. He was spurred on by the events at Middlebury College that led him to actually read dr. Murrays work for the first time even though he has previously stated on multiple occations that he would never do so as "nothing good can come from such knowledge". However, having some first hand experience from being ostracized on false pretence himself, he started suspecting faul play, ideological thinking and moral outrage and that perhaps, dr. Murray was not a "nazi" after all.

This really shows that ideology, fear and group think can affect us all. Even a man dedicated to rationality such as Sam Harris is not immune. It also shows that its possible to overcome bias and evolve intellectually across ideological barriers. An important lesson, especially for a skeptic forum!

What did you think of the podcast?
I had to google, "decolonizing science," and it looks like a pro-magic / pro-supernatural / anti-secularism agenda packaged up in social justice language.  I'm sorry to hear that!
Thanks FORTRAN. I wonder if the local press will pick up on it. That's potentially just really bad press for science. If I didn't have family obligations I would have been in DC.

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Forum Games / Re: Fact or Crap? 2017 Edition
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To be fair, that image alone doesn't prove climate change, or really anything other than tyres, when burned, produce black smoke. It could be argued either that the smoke is not harmful, or that it dissipates into the atmosphere, or something like that. Then you have to go and find some actual data.
Did I say it did?
Did I say that you said it did?
"To be fair..." is a code for "You're wrong and here's why."
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Did about 30 seconds of his voice...
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