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Look up the great oxygenation event. (And after that, maybe stop assuming your own level of ignorance reflects the general state of knowledge about biology.) Free oxygen is too reactive to remain in an atmosphere for a long time without being replenished. An oxygen-rich atmosphere on another planet would be fairly strong evidence for life there.

And no, I am not assuming life reproduces like it does here, but I am assuming some kind of reproduction happens, because that's part of how we define life. Something static wouldn't be considered life and is thus irrelevant to this discussion.

You were assuming cells and reproduction where the laws of physics required mutation.
Towering inferno, 40 years old.  Why were disasters such a fad in film at that time?  buildings burning down, ships sinking, planes crashing, I'm pretty sure there were some earthquake movies too. 

It was called Earthquake

Theaters that screened it  featured something called "Sensurround" where the seats would shake!

"Sensurround" was a small array of amplified subwoofers. (Installed and removed them in theaters for a small number of movies back in the day).
They were on dollys when I saw it in a tiny Indiana town's only theater. One weekend engagement. There were fights to sit nearest to them.  8)

We always removed them from the dollys and they worked best when on wooden floors (concrete doesn't resonate). If they're installed right it shouldn't matter how close you are. The sub-sonic waves are non-directional and should fill the theater. With two few speakers in too big a space, it would make a difference.
Ours were on the floor if not on dollys, depended on where they were.

And while we really didn't a reason to fight...

??? Who's fighting?
My (male) primary care doctor was just ARRESTED for multiple sexual assault charges on a female patient! 

Just got a letter from the medical group.  My doctor is "on leave", and they recommended a new one.  No mention of the charges... not sure what to think about that.  The police were asking for other victims to come forward, maybe some of them don't know.
Probably suspicions that the whole scam of marijuana being illegal is to keep a cheap alternative to alcohol, expensive drugs out of the populations back yards.
Marijuana is not dangerous.
I think there's been a noticeable decline in civility on this forum recently.  Even among regulars that I haven't notice being prone to such things. 
TV & Movies / Re: Rate the last movie you just saw.
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I totally hate what Burton and JD have become. Its embarrassing and kinda wish they would just crawl in a hole to age privately.
Yeah, while I think Burton has a certain visual flair, I never really cared much for his stuff.
To me he is a completely conventional director hiding behind a quirky goth facade.
It would be cool if he pulled himself out of his 8th grade ennui.

That said I LOVE Mars Attacks!
It's a perfectly fine analogy.  If CBD is proved to have medical uses, then it could be moved to schedule 2 and become legal available with a prescription without having any effect on the scheduling of marijuana.  Just as morphine is a schedule 2 drug but heroin is not.

Your suspicions of what?
A little bit.  And that's a bad analogy because it's common knowledge that marijuana has medical applications and it's primary ingredients, individually, have medical applications.  It's also common knowledge that pot prohibition has nothing to do with public health, hence my suspicions
Are you defending weed's schedule I classification?  You're pretty much looking at THC and CBD with weed.

No, I'm criticizing your sloppy thinking.  The fact that cannabidiol oil may have a medical use does not mean that smoking marijuana does any more than the fact that morphine has a medical use means that opium does.
Let me rephrase to, "it's a new contribution to the literature which belies weed's schedule I classification." 
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