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Forum Games / Re: Visual Counting
« Last post by unixTechie on Today at 07:25:10 AM »
TV & Movies / Re: Seen it a dozen times, only now do I notice...
« Last post by Noisy Rhysling on Today at 07:01:49 AM »
One of the things about Jurassic Park that has always bugged me a little is that nowhere in the film does anyone explain the word Jurassic for the great unwashed masses not familiar with paleontology. Of course it also bugs me that most of the dinos in the picture are actually from the Cretaceous but I'll concede that Cretaceous Park doesn't roll off the tongue as well. And Stegosaurus is misspelled on the embryo vial.
You don't remember the plethora of dino shows on TV at that time? Crichton rode that way, he wasn't the pioneer. To me it would have been lecturing to have spent time explaining the term in the movie, and Malcolm was bad enough.
Podcast Episodes / Re: Episode #613
« Last post by 2397 on Today at 04:32:06 AM »
I suspect that it's more of a shift in efforts, rather than a drop. But as someone who only listens to the podcast and checks the forums, I don't have a measure of their other efforts. Maybe they could do a segment on the podcast going over all the things they are involved in SGU-wise, and cross-promote themselves.

There's also the lawsuit that Steve and Jay seem to have spent a lot of time dealing with.
Podcast Episodes / Re: Episode #613
« Last post by dreamlander on Today at 12:46:16 AM »
If you were receiving a generic message like that, it'd probably be from a script.

Though I wonder what they're spending their SGU time on now, compared to some years ago. Sometimes they made comments about the forums multiple episodes in a row, and I think Steve said he went to the forums to look for topics/news.

I also wonder how much the data loss affected the forums, and the nature of them. That's the last thing I remember them commenting on (about the forums on the podcast), how much they screwed up by not properly backing up.

One of my favorite parts of podcasts is how they build and interact with fan communities. I haven't really felt that from the SGU recently. It seems like funny to have this huge community of enthusiastic fans on this forum, and not to engage with them at all. I contribute financially to several podcasts, including the SGU. I appreciate the work that the SGU does, but I'm definitely considering reallocating my listening time and financial contributions to podcasts that put a higher emphasis on interaction with listeners.

I feel the same. I have only been listening for two years, but when you go back and listen to all the episodes in order I feel like there is a noticeable drop off in effort in the last couple years. Maybe not. Might just be me, or that the bar was set higher when Perry and Rebecca were part of the show. I have canceled my paid subscription though. I just don't couldn't figure how I should give the SGU $8 a month for the similar amount of content that I get from a dozen other podcasts that don't get nearly as much money from me. Don't get me wrong, the SGU is still my favorite science podcast, but it did seem to be better in the past.
TV & Movies / Re: Rate the last movie you just saw.
« Last post by Desert Fox on April 25, 2017, 11:25:16 PM »
Rocketeer 7.5/10
It has been years since I watched it and it is still a pretty great movie. This is especially true when you remember that the movie is not CGI like modern movies. Jennifer Connelly is absolutely gorgeous as well.
IF you have a reasonably good diet that balances the food groups, generally no, unless there is a specific reason to think you might not be getting vitamins for some reason.  If you need to avoid certain types of food due to allergy or diet, you live far north and don't get a lot of sunlight, have a medical condition or medication that reduces absorption of nutrients, etc..
 (not exhaustive list) taking a supplement could be a good idea.  But even in that case, it would be better to check with a doctor. 

General Discussion / Re: Ever wondered about this Mafia thing in Forum Games?
« Last post by HighPockets on April 25, 2017, 10:55:41 PM »
Hey, we got this Championship mafia game where a bunch of different forum games come together to be the best of the internet. check out the info here:,48548.0.html

We're trying to get one practice game in before we send Morvis off to his doom. We need a couple more players to fill out our roster. If you've played in the past or are interested in a distraction from the Politics board, this is a really good alternative.

Come and play, and see a different side to the SGUF, an active and engaging game of intrigue, rhetoric and bold faced lies.  You won't be dissapointed.
Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Medicine / Pills/Supplements that are worth taking?
« Last post by Gerbig on April 25, 2017, 10:49:04 PM »
So, im now taking pills that i will likely be taking daily for many years.

Since i have to take pills anyway, are there any additional supplements or pills i should be taking? Scientifically supported?

I hear that most vitamin pills make nothing but exspensive pee, but are there exceptions to that?
Two hours...  time to strap in indeed.
Forum Games / Re: Visual Counting
« Last post by Morvis13 on April 25, 2017, 09:43:55 PM »
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