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Why can't we have enlightened laws like this that put people's feelings first?
IMO, indoctrinating children into demonstrably false beliefs, when they are at an impressionable age, constitutes child abuse. This aspect of religion, while not in violation of current laws, is reprehensible and should not be tolerated.

I am a little cautious about that . . . .Let us go somewhere not religious. Say I want to advocate for protecting the wolves and it is an important issue. Such a law, unless carefully worded and they rarely are, could make it impossible for me to campaign for protecting the wolves.

Would you be indoctrinating children to believe demonstrably false ideas? Would you be telling them, "The world was created by a magical wolf in the sky who wrote a book 2,000 years ago telling us we need to worship wolves and never kill them," or would you simply be telling them, "I like wolves. I think they are beautiful and an important part of nature that should be protected."?
Well yes, but you see, the real issue is that he shouldn't have been so offensive.
I don't eat fish or seafood and generally less nuts than I probably should, so I take omega-3. Twice a day when remember but usually just after evening meal time when at home.
TV & Movies / Re: Rate the last movie you just saw.
« Last post by daniel1948 on Today at 10:09:07 AM »
The Amazing Spiderman. 7/10. I watched this movie after its sequel (not sure why, probably because I rented the sequel thinking I'd already seen the first one, confused by the other Spiderman movies). I liked this one a lot more than its sequel.

Okay, spoiler because I'm not sure how much of this will be considered spoilers:

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Isn't small dose aspirin suppose to be a good thing?
And there's been some talk about folks being Vitamin D deficiency.
Supplements are not regulated. They are not tested for efficacy or safety or even to determine if the pills contain the claimed ingredients. Some have been found to contain powerful prescription drugs not listed on the label.

You should never take supplements unless prescribed by your doctor, in which case they'll be pharmaceutical grade, if your doctor is not a quack (i.e. a naturopath). Some vitamins or minerals are needed in larger amounts due to a medical condition, and in that case your doctor will prescribe them. Otherwise, the only benefit of supplements is the profit to the folks who sell them to you.
Forum Games / Re: Visual Counting
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TV & Movies / Re: Seen it a dozen times, only now do I notice...
« Last post by Noisy Rhysling on Today at 07:01:49 AM »
One of the things about Jurassic Park that has always bugged me a little is that nowhere in the film does anyone explain the word Jurassic for the great unwashed masses not familiar with paleontology. Of course it also bugs me that most of the dinos in the picture are actually from the Cretaceous but I'll concede that Cretaceous Park doesn't roll off the tongue as well. And Stegosaurus is misspelled on the embryo vial.
You don't remember the plethora of dino shows on TV at that time? Crichton rode that way, he wasn't the pioneer. To me it would have been lecturing to have spent time explaining the term in the movie, and Malcolm was bad enough.
Podcast Episodes / Re: Episode #613
« Last post by 2397 on Today at 04:32:06 AM »
I suspect that it's more of a shift in efforts, rather than a drop. But as someone who only listens to the podcast and checks the forums, I don't have a measure of their other efforts. Maybe they could do a segment on the podcast going over all the things they are involved in SGU-wise, and cross-promote themselves.

There's also the lawsuit that Steve and Jay seem to have spent a lot of time dealing with.
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