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TV & Movies / Re: Rate the last movie you just saw.
« Last post by Rai on Today at 03:07:11 AM »
I totally hate what Burton and JD have become. Its embarrassing and kinda wish they would just crawl in a hole to age privately.
Yeah, while I think Burton has a certain visual flair, I never really cared much for his stuff.
To me he is a completely conventional director hiding behind a quirky goth facade.
It would be cool if he pulled himself out of his 8th grade ennui.

That said I LOVE Mars Attacks!

Burton is extremely hit and miss, and mostly miss. He has a handful of good movies (Beetlejuice, Mars Attacks, Corpse Bride, Ed Wood), a couple of OK ones (Batman, Big Fish) and the rest ranges from meh to absolutely terrible. And his best films are not nearly as great as his worst ones are terrible. i am looking at Planet, Alice in Wonderland and Dark Shadows.

Also, anyone who still works with that wife-beating trainwreck Johnny Depp should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

TV & Movies / Re: Rate the last movie you just saw.
« Last post by SQ the ΣΛ/IGMд on Today at 02:58:27 AM »
Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016


This was pretty awful. I didn't see Burton's Alice in Wonderland, but surmise I didn't really need to.
I mean I get the whole idea that Lewis Carroll's characters look neat and everything, but the story here just has so many of the dull boilerplate story lines that feature in contemporary fantasy movies.

The characters sort of look like characters from Lewis Carroll's books, but the resemblance is entirely superficial. No attempt at the BEST features of the characters : their dialogue.

Normally I like to take movies as being a different beast than the books and try not to compare them, but this is just horrible.

I would really LOVE to see a great film adaption of the Carroll books. The animated Disney version is suppose would come close.

I gave it a little better raring just for the character Time.
He was cool.
Forum Games / Re: Skeptical Hangman
« Last post by Zaros on Today at 02:51:30 AM »
Forum Games / Re: Fact or Crap? 2017 Edition
« Last post by starnado on Today at 02:24:56 AM »
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Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Medicine / Re: Fasting Mimicking Diet
« Last post by lonely moa on Today at 02:10:54 AM »
Just fast.  Time tested and works a treat, even if one is not trying to lose weight. 

I like an eight hour eating window.   I eat as much as I like, weight stable, lots of energy and very healthy mitochondria.  Easy. 
The NZ breast cancer screening pamphlet declares that 7 unscreened women out of 10, 000 will die of breast cancer in NZ this year.  Next line, 5 screened women out of 10,000 will die of breast cancer this year.  They don't talk about the bad outcomes of false positives.

Forum Games / Re: Skeptical Hangman
« Last post by estockly on Today at 01:32:21 AM »
2 Ns
Letters Guessed: Q-W-J-X-O-D-Z-A-P-N

--- ----a-- ------ -- --- ---a---- --a---n-- ---an--- -a- ---- -a--d.
  |    |
  |    |
  |(+ +)
  |    ~
  |   /|\
  |  / | \
  |   / \
 _|  |  \   ___
|   \      /      |__
|    \    /            |__
Probably a few steps up from the Wiki page. Some of these suggest there is a potential for life. None of them suggest it's probable, much less certain.
Who do you think you're arguing with here?

I think this is the thing where estockley posts for all the world like he disagrees with everyone, but in fact he doesn't.  It's like he has no idea how to write a post that's not argumentative in tone.
Yeah I'm the one being disagreeable and argumentative in this thread, right

Your mileage may vary.
If Jupiter's ice moon Europa has hydrothermal vents at the bottom of its vast oceans, we expect to find life almost to a certainty, just as we've found it around Earth's own deep-sea vents. But those hydrothermal vents are not a given.

To call it a certainty based on a contingent than is pretty widely accepted is the equivalent of assuming it to be true

Your mileage may vary.
He explicitly acknowledges that there may be no vents, right there in that bit you quoted. That's not even the equivalent of assuming there are vents, let alone assuming that there's life.
Forum Games / Re: Fact or Crap? 2017 Edition
« Last post by Boßel on Today at 12:28:38 AM »
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