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TV & Movies / Re: Who is your favourite Batman?
« Last post by seamas on Today at 09:26:38 AM »
Adam West.

No one else comes close.
TV & Movies / Re: Rate the last movie you just saw.
« Last post by seamas on Today at 09:25:20 AM »
High Anxiety -8.5/10 -Probably Brook's second best movie (I rank Young Frankenstein as the best).
Brooks is at his best when he has a real vision and a great cast that can sell his (often really bad) jokes.

Robin Hood : Men in Tights 2 / 10  This was so bad we didn't bother finishing it. A full half hour into it and only a few groaners. I wonder how this would have worked with a better cast. This was even worse than Spaceballs.
Skepticism / Science Talk / Re: 2013 Arctic Ice
« Last post by CydFromHell on Today at 09:05:56 AM »
As I said, show me somewhere in the world where reductions of CO2 are not due to economic downturns, or loss of manufacturing.

If you export all your CO2 to China, you're not doing any good.

It's people that demand cheap hydrocarbons to fuel their excessive living standards. And people will not change... ever.

Short of electing Al Gore as dictator of the world, people will continue to burn hydrocarbons. (Of course, Al Gore won't cut back, but he'd force everyone else to do it.)

You have two real solutions:

1. Cut the population of the world, especially in developed areas. Perhaps a global nuclear war with Putin might solve this? Go Ukraine!

2. Develop a cheap alternative source of energy, and convince the population to accept it. Nuclear fission seems the only viable base-level energy source at this point, but NIMBYism is too strong, and whackos in Germany are going the wrong way.
General Discussion / Re: Who is the person to the right?
« Last post by Harry Black on Today at 08:45:59 AM »
I didnt know who Sagan was until I started listening to the SGU. All my crank friends were big fans already though. Their self awareness meter does not go very high....
I wouldnt have recognised that pic if Cosmos hadnt been relaunched.
I would have guessed that was Snooki but she could also have been a Kardasian (or whatever that alien race with the reality show are)
This is awesome! Go Australia!

I do, however, wonder if this will be enough to change the minds of any supporters or users. When I look at some of the comments, I can safely say ":(". I hope that time will be on our side and people will, at the very least, come around.
There is a big push to remove all medical stuff not supported by evidence from our Medicare system and also private health insurance systems from next year. People in power have realised that having to pay for things that don't actually work does not make good business sense when you can simply not refund people who use those products.
Even things like stents and statins might not be supported due to lack of evidence they work under a broad range of conditions.
Podcast Episodes / Episode #458
« Last post by Steven Novella on Today at 08:39:34 AM »
Live from NECSS 2014; Guest Rogue: Paul Offit; This Day in Skepticism: Salyut 1; News Items: Liquid Light, Geocentrism, The Continuity Field, Light on Mars, Ancient Asteroid Impact, Ant Complexity; Science or Fiction; Live Q&A: Skeptical Parenting
Games / Re: Temporary Shanty Town SGU Minecraft Thread
« Last post by AnarchistBunny on Today at 08:32:58 AM »
I haven't done anything with minecraft since last week.

So is the server fine after the reset? Did you try killing all the entities?

Would deleting the chunk work?

Anyways, I see that Horizons just got an update. Don't know if we have to update.

Hmmm. They seemed to have made the famade endermen less stalky.

Anyways, What are the options of making a costum modpack, or something? Is that possible?

Making your own custom mod pack is kind of a lot of trouble, best to find one that already has most of the kinks worked out.

There are non-official FTB packs you can get off the launcher(if something that requires the Tekkit or ATLauncher will not work, like Hexxit), such as the Hatpack which is somewhat like Monster with some more obscure stuff like Morph in it.

Also hopefully that Horizon's update includes Reactorcraft seeing has how I am almost ready to fire up my nuclear reactor and the radiation suits haven't been included in this version.
General Discussion / Re: Who is the person to the right?
« Last post by AQB24712 on Today at 08:27:33 AM »
Aaaand I totally just had to Google Patton Oswalt. But I do vaguely recognize his face! I don't think you look like him though. When I first saw your picture I remember being surprised by how Randi looked. I have no idea why, but for some reason I pictured him as being bigger. In that picture he looks like that old creepy bank dude from Mary Poppins.

He's got a lot of charm, I'm looking forward to seeing the film about him after the Tribeca Film Festival.

Henning and I are seeing it on Friday!  The filmmakers were at TAM last summer and showed some clips.  Can't wait.
Forum Games / Re: Fact or Crap? 2014 Edition
« Last post by AQB24712 on Today at 08:26:13 AM »
Dammit!   :argh:

Heh heh heh.  Starting to sweat, boyo?
Isnt there a trick someone mentioned before to view pages without adding to their traffic numbers?
I want to read it but I dont want to reward them for being stupid
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