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Did you watch that documentary on nexflix too bud?
You realize how shittily it was done right?
General Discussion / Re: Uber
« Last post by The Latinist on Today at 11:05:20 AM »
I live in the state of Connecticut.  In order to provide public public transport, I am required to have a public passenger endorsement.  If Uber required its drivers to have the same license I have, I would have no problem with their operating here.  As it is, it is facilitating unlicensed drivers providing public transport.
LOL, oh boy.  You're going to be fun.

How about this, you cite your strongest evidence that men did not land on the moon, and someone here will refute it faster than Buzz Aldrin punched the moon dust out of Bart Sibrel.

Podcast Episodes / Episode #572
« Last post by Steven Novella on Today at 09:39:09 AM »
Interview with Michael Marshall; Forgotten Superheroes of Science: Mary Edwards; News Items: Electric Plane, Naturopathic Licensure, Black Holes and Dark Matter; What’s the Word: Crepuscular; Science or Fiction
LOL, oh boy.  You're going to be fun.

How about this, you cite your strongest evidence that men did not land on the moon, and someone here will refute it faster than Buzz Aldrin punched the moon dust out of Bart Sibrel.

Yes, indeed, why?

The lack of evidence is staggering.
nasa (Never A StraighT Answer) lies all the time. Airbrushes out a lot of things.

The anomalies, the fake moon rocks and the list goes on and on...

So, why do people still cling to the irrational believe we have send people there?

General Discussion / Re: Uber
« Last post by daniel1948 on Today at 07:27:25 AM »

Thanks for posting that. Interesting article. Some thoughts from my sleep-deprived brain (too much pain to get back to sleep yet, probably from getting the arm into a bad position.):

They sound overly aggressive. Not good but not a deal breaker for me.

Flex pricing seems like a good idea. $350 for a short ride is ridiculous, but the rider can choose to not use them, and the real issue then is the lack of adequate public transportation. My two rides were so cheap that I had to add close to a 100% tip to avoid feeling like a stingy asshole. This in spite of the fact that it was raining pretty hard when it was time to come home.

They should be held responsible to some degree for their drivers' actions. But no company accepts responsibility voluntarily. Government needs to legislate.

One of the commenters said that hitchhiking was safer. I last time I hitchhiked I waited two hours for a ride, and the guy who finally picked me up was drunk. I prefer Uber.

I am in Spokane. Everything is safer here than in big cities.

We don't have enough taxis. They are great if you know in advance when you're going to need a ride, and in fact the taxis are better in that case because an on-demand service risks that there might not be a car available. But if you don't know exactly when you're going to need a ride, here in Spokane a typical wait for a taxi is half an hour. I waited 5 or 6 minutes, and was able to see where the car was as it approached.

If they are abusing labor laws that would be my biggest issue with them. I'll support legislation to address that. Meanwhile I'll give good tips. And I'm interested to know more specifics about that.

I love it that they accept ApplePay. I never have to give them my credit card.

Podcast Episodes / Re: Episode #565
« Last post by Harry Black on Today at 06:28:53 AM »
Different people like different things, like it should be. I do still think Cara is way more sciency than Rebecca. Can't remember Rebecca ever going off on a sciency rant, or weighing in on advanced science topics.
Rebecca did seem more atumed to the skeptical landscape though. Who is who and what is what with regards to quacks and con artists.
I feel like the show has science nailed down and Id like to see them expand with more legal experts and the like. Skepticism is more than understanding advanced science, I think the community needs a pool of multidisciplanary experts to help us tell fact from fiction in all the ways we are being marketed to.

(Still genuinely interested to hear your elaboration on the computer security issue btw, its something Im interested in, but lack knowledge in. Cheers)
Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Medicine / Anita Moorjani
« Last post by northodox on Today at 05:19:02 AM »
I've just come across a story about a woman - Anita Moorjani - who, in 2006, fell into a coma after apparently suffering from very advanced malignant tumours.
She had previously been diagnosed with lymphoma and had opted to take "natural" treatment, rather than chemotherapy.
She came out of her coma and recovered what seems to have been quite rapidly.
She has since written a book and described her Near Death Experience.

From the one sided articles I've found online, her condition appears to have been very advanced and her recovery seems to have been equally dramatic.

I wonder if anyone can provide any facts around this story, such as hospital records, reports by doctors and nurses involved in her case, etc.

On the face of it, the is truly remarkable, but facts are hard to find.
General Discussion / Re: Uber
« Last post by SkeptiQueer on Today at 03:57:17 AM »
My problems with Uber are mostly political. In the US they recruit heavily, place no premium on driver capability, and attempt to circumvent legislation designed to protect the passengers because "we're not a livery service guys" while also offering a payday loan system direct to their drivers. Also they've engaged in direct fraud on several occasions.

Their abuse of labor laws is enough for me never to take an Uber, at least in the US.
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