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They do say the evidence is weak. They don't say how the hell that would work.
I like the second possibility better, there is a (I assume) plausible mecanism, and even if it doesn't work, that's supposed to be free and enjoyable ;-)
I'm wondering at what point we report this person to someone who can help them before this becomes another Heaven's Gate like situation?
General Discussion / Re: Maps are so cool
« Last post by Alex Simmons on Today at 05:40:40 AM »
Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Medicine / WebMD and acupuncture?!?
« Last post by csdave on Today at 05:31:01 AM »
Hi all,
I must say I am not very familiar with WebMD, and so my first question is whether it is generally regarded as a reliable source, insofar as an medical site can be reliable.
Anyway, my partner and I are about to have a baby, and we're slightly beyond the term (41w+2). The doctor today told us she should walk and be active to stimulate labor, while the doctor we saw two days ago had stated it's completely irrelevant to whether labor starts (which matches my previous knowledge).

So what today's doctor said brought me to search for further info, and well, everything I found, including WebMD confirm it's a myth.

However, the same WebMD prompted me with an intriguing title "Inducing Labor With Acupuncture", stating that there's some weak evidence for it... (here's the link, search for acupuncture on the page)

Is WebMD woo oriented? Or could this be the one and only case in which acupuncture serves a purpose? Maybe  the pain it causes can trigger the production of the right hormones  ;D :D ...  but a pregnant woman close to term already has enough pain ;)

TV & Movies / Re: MCU v DCTVU v DCSU - Metaverse Discussions
« Last post by Harry Black on Today at 04:17:41 AM »
Been watching Batman Beyond again. . . .Still a great series.
I STILL havent watched more than 2 episodes of that! I have the whole thing too!

Do you not like them or just get distracted?
I just never feel in the right mood to watch them I guess.
I know Bruce is a major character, but I never had any interest in seeing someone else in the suit.
It was funny 6 months ago, now it's just sad  ;)

To paraphrase a great man: "If only he used the "too much time on his hands" for niceness, instead of crazy shit."  ;D
Games / Re: No Man's Sky
« Last post by wastrel on Today at 02:00:44 AM »
I'm solidly past minimum requirements, but not quite to recommended specs.  Hopefully, my PC runs it ok.

My box:
Games / Re: No Man's Sky
« Last post by Eternally Learning on Today at 01:33:36 AM »
Just an FYI, apparently someone paid a bunch of money for a leaked copy of the game and has been uploading footage.  It also keeps getting taken down pretty quick, though I'm sure if you search you can find an active mirror.  I'm actively avoiding it, but a lot of people are saying it's really making them feel a lot more confident about the game.
TV & Movies / Re: Picard very clearly out classes Kirk
« Last post by Andrew Clunn on Today at 12:44:11 AM »

Great Tribulation 42 Days

Great Tribulation Postponed for our Expedition

REVELATION 17:10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, [and] the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
REVELATION 17:11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

7/31/2016 - 8/1/2016 (Rev. 17:11)
112 Days from May 13, 2016 which completed 99 years since Fatima, to begin 9/11/2016 (Rev. 17:10) (one one and 7+5)

99 years and 9/11 or 666 to begin the 153 Days.  This is the natural order, of 195 Days or 42, 3, 150....................153 of Noah (May 13), then 112 for 42 of Joseph in Matthew + 70  Angels of Luke, then 153 for Revelation.......................The Gospel's Program follows 70 Angels to Jesus, and then 42 of Joseph ending with the Antichrist.  You don't have a legal right to any of God's Mercy, and you don't have a Legal right to a Great Tribulation of 42 Days or anything to expand the limited geographic area.  However, because we are commanded to keep watch, we should not be ignorant of God's Mercy, or the possibility that should be invalidated in about two days.

Realistically, "Suicide by Antichrist" is a temporary position, and depending on the means I am give if any to deviate from the pattern, you will find me no where near any thing non-whit*, further more I'll most likely spend most of my time in space, if I am not entertaining the expedition.  Thats a possibility..............You will use euthanasia for the Area of Effect for Genetic Dan, in two days if that happens (you've learned in the examples God gives you with me, that euthanasia is the only mechanism of enforcing the peace for Genetic Dan it is a involuntary position, thus as you have use the non-whit** to cause me pain and the use of treatments to condition me, you have answered yourself with reproofs).  You need to set an example, or simply suffer until you decide to offer euthanasia, it will be such that it is my law you are given and you inability to entertain force against me, nor will I do anything at all to chastise you in your preference of suicide.....................It is much better if you are simply deceased with "Suicide by Antichrist" for 42 or so more days, but we will in two days.  Your goal is not maintain the peace, and not to euthanize their populations at the global level until we return from our expedition, you can use euthanasia and you should.  I will tell you what my goals are, and you will strive to reach those goals, or nothing, better if nothing.  I've stated much earlier, that I would be faithful in voicing the Gospel's Mercy, even if it did not lead to anything to keep the level of force in "Suicide by Antichrist" persistent, to eliminate the mental illness this represents in the judgment................We'll have a nightly walk more than once around this time, just use force against me and enjoy that pleasure as your lives come to a close, if you want to do this more publicly, then you need to be prepared if the people promote an enforce my authority, so you need to be cautious like the non-whit**, so learn from them.  Right now your instructions are to use the non-whit* in inces*/rap*/murde*/sedition/cruelty as much as you can until they are deceased, so far good but the level of force need to be increased at this level, by the end of 8/1/2016 we should view this conclusion and the tribulation as invalidated. Love and Blessings. (that withstanding, just use adversity against me, the worse that will happen is after I am deceased, God will euthanized some of the non-whit**, and then I'll be resurrected to repeat the euthanasia process, otherwise you need to use lethal force against me, everything should be invalidated now, but we need to watch for about two more days anyway, you may be tempted to challenge my authority openly, but as I've said just use Genetic Dan, after they are deceased, then hold your peace until we reach 9/11/2016 for 153 days) ( .......... you should see what these people have my relatives do, and what these people have my brothers do to their children, that is not enough, as I'm using the level for force to ensure euthanasia, we will see what is necessary in about two days).
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