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Who's That Noisy? / Re: Who's That Noisy? Episode #472
« Last post by amysrevenge on Today at 10:07:50 AM »
I promise you that the unspoiled spoilers above (for shame) did not influence my answer, which is
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General Discussion / Re: Is swearing / cursing / profanity bad?
« Last post by amysrevenge on Today at 09:59:01 AM »
You've already turned it up to 11, for no good reason, where else can you go linguistically?

Easy.  When it is important, I dial back down to 2.
That is a much more detailed response than I ever would have expected.
General Discussion / Re: Boner pill spam
« Last post by amysrevenge on Today at 09:56:53 AM »
That's sort of what I was wondering about.  Thanks for the input.  :)  There's different levels of fraud possible here.
Religion / Philosophy Talk / Re: Satanic Panic
« Last post by amysrevenge on Today at 09:53:27 AM »
Here's my go-to reference for the Satanic Panic as it relates to Dungeons & Dragons.

The Pulling Report
Tech / Re: Interesting sex robot question
« Last post by Zed on Today at 09:45:23 AM »
I think we could ask ourselves if sex dolls can currently be used to "treat" those with the desire to sexually assault adult women (or men).  I did a cursory look on google scholar and nothing really popped out ;) as obviously addressing this.  I did see one long-winded social science science paper that beat around the bush ;) a lot, but it seemed to suggest that it can be useful for the disabled with few (if any) sexual options.

My completely-not-based-on-evidence-and-only-based-on-my-own-understanding-of-mental-health opinion is that I doubt sex dolls prevent sexually deviant men from wanting sex with real women.  I'd guess that even if you have sex bots programmed with a "personality" that people will still tend to view them as "not the same as a real woman."  So I imagine that child sex dolls would be equally unsatisfying for a the long run, at least.

Despite all of that...the whole idea of censoring types of sexual aids, I'm not exactly comfortable with.  If someone is bold enough to have possession of a child sex robot, then he or she should be able to...however, they are open to any criticism or social consequences that having such doll may entail.  If a robot child, or robot sheep, or military assault rifle with a fleshlight attachment gets you off...go for it.  But I reserve my right to get creeped the fuck out if I see it.

So I contacted the reporter that did a story about Tobinick back in December 2012:

Wondered if in lieu of this recent lawsuit and his apparent attempt to silence criticism she might want to do a followup. Her response:

Hi, David. I’m well-aware of the criticisms, before and since, and of the disciplinary action taken against Dr. Tobinick in 2007 in California. That action (purely about advertisement and not effective use of the drug) and much of the criticism has been about the use of Enbrel in treating Alzheimer’s, which is not what I wrote about. There had also been lots of articles and TV reports PRAISING the promise of Enbrel in treating stroke when I wrote the story, and please note, the improvements described in the patient I wrote about came from my direct observation and follow-up interviews.

I am also aware that there are a number of individuals who believe Dr. Tobinick is a scammer and are working to discredit him. I have also heard from a number of people who said they plan to file complaints against him with the Florida Board of Medicine. If they have, I haven’t seen them, and nothing has resulted in any Florida Board of Medicine disciplinary action regarding the use of Enbrel in treating stroke. Unless and until there is, my editors and I don’t see a follow-up story. I have also seen no formal civil lawsuits or actions filed against him, so I have to wonder about these complainants’ credibility if no one is taking formal action.

As you can see from Tobinick’s lawsuit against Dr. Novella, there are lots of risks in maligning someone’s character in print, or calling their work ineffective, especially when there is no definitive proof, and it’s not something we as a newspaper would do without a formal adjudication body saying something about Tobinick or his work.

I take no position on whether Dr. Tobinick is a scammer or not. I have had patients call me about what they deem to be excessive charges, claiming he must be, and I have had other patients call me swearing he saved their lives or the lives of a loved one with Enbrel. All I know is that the story I wrote came from a credible study performed on Tobinick’s work and published in a credible medical journal, and from a number of personal observations of patients and interviews and follow-ups with others. We stand by the story and feel that any follow-up would only be warranted if an authoritative third party (like the Florida Board of Medicine or a court of law in a civil case) finds he has done something wrong.

But I do appreciate you writing in and sharing your thoughts.

Nicole Brochu

Seems well reasoned I guess.
Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Medicine / Re: The Rise of the DO
« Last post by AQB24712 on Today at 09:36:00 AM »
Oh geez.  Let me go calm down first.
Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Medicine / The Rise of the DO
« Last post by superdave on Today at 09:23:24 AM »

More and more people are getting degrees in osteopathy and it's becoming more accepted as legit, even though the central tenets of osteopathy are full of crap. This is pretty awful in my opinion.  Even though DOs do practice real medicine much of the time, this kind of thing or serves to legitimize other more egregious alt-med.
Forum Games / Re: Fact or Crap? 2014 Edition
« Last post by starnado on Today at 09:21:31 AM »
Yeah, that is a
 to a certain degree of factiness, with some liberty with the language, if by 'people hunting' they mean 'person wears a tag and is hunted like a giant game of hide-and-seek' and not what happened in The Tripods.
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