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Tech Talk / Down load Video from Company site
« Last post by xenu on Today at 08:06:00 PM »
I would like to down load a video from work but they said I can't. I can play it on my desk top. Ideas? I have used "Video download helper" but no help.
Podcasts / Re: Which podcasts are we listening to?
« Last post by PANTS! on Today at 07:56:20 PM »
Anyone like the stuff at

They have a really good REM retrospective going on right now called File Under Water.
Forum Games / Re: Visual Counting
« Last post by HighPockets on Today at 07:50:35 PM »
Forum Games / Re: Skeptical Hangman
« Last post by PANTS! on Today at 07:50:29 PM »

Letters Guessed: E-Q-U-S-T-I-R-N-B-L-O

Thats what Catherine the Great said.
Tech Talk / Re: Electronics and Batteries
« Last post by daniel1948 on Today at 07:43:59 PM »
When I was doing ham radio, I often used plain paper to clean contacts. It worked very well.
Yeah, sounds like quackery to me. Eye exercises can help for "lazy eye," when one eye does not focus well. But the human eye has muscles which bring the focal point in (which can be strengthened by exercise). It does not have muscles to push the focal point out. Thus exercises might help for presbyopia, but not for myopia. And even for presbyopia, there are limits because as the eye ages, the lens becomes stiff, making it harder and harder to bring the focal point in, which is why old people need reading glasses, unless they have just the right amount of myopia.
This sounds so hopeful, im skeptical. It makes sense, but the fact that the professor himself was scolding this student to not publish his work makes me think the author may be misinterpreting the professors actual work.
How long police take to arrive. Ive seen films where the character calls the police half way through a 3 min scene, and the police arrive by the end of the scene to arrest someone. Is there a cop on every block?

Stupid sound effects, like a cartoonish "pwanggggg" when a bullet ricochets, bad foli work, just anything that makes me think "the real thing doesnt sound like that"

While were on sound, the wilhelm scream is getting way way way overdone, it breaks immersion every time.

Movies that have a twist at the end that seems jammed in, or doesnt fit the genre, like they didn't know a better way to end the movie

sports training montages, i fucking love them, but really fake. I was the right age to believe that wax on wax off would really make me a karate master.

They're the best parts of those kinds of movies though.
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