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TV & Movies / Re: Movies I just don't get, or don't get the love for...
« Last post by seamas on Today at 12:11:39 PM »
Superhero movies
I only ever read comic books when I was in college. I had roommates with huge collections and we usually had no television (if you didn't have cable there was one very local channel), so it was a decent way to pass the time. I also worked for a Comic book publisher for a year or so, but never got very interested.
The only one I really like is "Batman the Movie" from 1968.

Star Wars. The first movie was fairly entertaining (though much of the acting dialog and editing is pretty bad), the rest just never did anything for me.

Anything by Kevin Smith other than Clerks.  Clerks was terrific. His need to inject everything subsequent with Jay and Silent Bob comes of as desperate.

The Lego Movie. I wanted to stab my eyes about 20 minutes into it.

Hyper-kinetic CGI movies. I keep seeing sequences where characters are fighting and falling from skyscrapers and the like and somehow not only surviving, but able to walk away (or run without pain) with hair looking pretty good.

Religion / Philosophy Talk / Re: Help Skeptiqueer Learn Philosophy
« Last post by SkeptiQueer on Today at 12:09:41 PM »
Philosophy makes my head hurt.
That was my position for a long time, but moral philosophy and ethics has been a little more grounded, which makes it less headachey.
Religion / Philosophy Talk / Re: Help Skeptiqueer Learn Philosophy
« Last post by SkeptiQueer on Today at 12:01:17 PM »
Partially Examined Life has been added to the rotation, superfluous pop culture podcast removed. Keep them coming!
TV & Movies / Re: Pre 1970 movies you like
« Last post by seamas on Today at 11:55:38 AM »
I am almost as likely to watch a movie made before 1970 than after.

Dr Strangelove
The Bicycle Thief
Duck Soup (Horse Feathers, Coconuts and a Day at the Races too!)
It's a Gift
The Kid
The Circus
African Queen
The Maltese Falcon
The Adventures of Robin Hood
Wizard of Oz
Citizen Kane
2001: A Space Odyssey
North by Northwest
Night of the Living Dead
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
The Producers
Take the Money and Run
The Graduate
Rosemary's Baby
The Great Escape
It's a Wonderful Life
The Great Dictator
Easy Rider

Podcast Episodes / Re: Episode #607
« Last post by lonely moa on Today at 11:43:40 AM »
It doesn't sound like any of the rogues have much to worry about tinnitus.  I have been hearing squealing A, two octaves above middle ever since chemo... about the level of an American voice.  But Siemens keeps it at bay, more or less, thank you very much German Technology.  No need to wait for drugs.  And since it comes packaged with hearing enhancement, these hearing ais have been particularly good for me.

The Siemens hearing aids reduce the tinnitus?!!! I would like to hear more about this. I have had tinnitus for years and it's not getting any better.

Sadly, my favorite band is coming to town this weekend and I told the wife that I think I shouldn't go. She suggested I get some really good earplugs. Does anyone know about these things? I'm afraid if I choose the wrong ones, they might be woo tech and I don't want to risk making the tinnitus any worse.

No woo with ear plugs.  The clever rubber sort do a great job but can be uncomfortable for a day at work.  The foam ones work reasonably well and are easy to use, but everyone can tell you're wearing them, but I use them a bit.  The helicopter  pilots  worked with whilst guiding generally had them under their grade five headphones/sound protectors.  I am big fan of good grade 5 ear muff sound silencers at work, but iyou migt be mistaken for the sound engineer at a concert!   

The Siemans I have have a little sound like bacon frying.  It disappears in seconds but does a job on my tinnitus.  Not cheap, but no decent hearing aids are.
Podcast Episodes / Re: Episode #607
« Last post by stands2reason on Today at 11:43:00 AM »
Is there a problem with the E-Mail server? I am getting the following message from the Google/GMail delivery system:

Delivery incomplete
There was a temporary problem delivering your message to Gmail will retry for 20 more hours. You'll be notified if the delivery fails permanently.
The response from the remote server was:
Missed upload deadline (600.00s) (state SENT_MESSAGE)

This is happening for both the info and the wtn email address. And the the submission form seems to hang indefinitely.
Raised Catholic.

At every church I went to (and I never went to one of those relatively conservative Catholic Churches) we always had communal chalices where the eucharistic ministers would wipe the chalice between each parishioner. It wasn't required to do the whole blood of Christ stop. I only did when I was participating as an alter girl (since I was up in front of the congregation and couldn't skate by).

We were always told *not* to dip the wafer into the chalice as that was seen as "improper" or whatever.

Anywho, because it's optional, people who are sick should (and I think often do) skip it.

I mostly skipped because it is super shitty wine.
Forum Games / Re: Fact or Crap? 2017 Edition
« Last post by Morvis13 on Today at 11:40:00 AM »
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TV & Movies / Re: Pre 1970 movies you like
« Last post by xenu on Today at 11:39:46 AM »
Mr Blandings Builds his Dream House.
The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer

I love old movies from the 40's and 50's. To many to be named here.
TV & Movies / Re: Pre 1970 movies you like
« Last post by moj on Today at 11:38:32 AM »
Not my jam and would take some convincing to ever watch one again.
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