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Anyone like James Morrow?
« on: May 09, 2008, 10:33:29 AM »
I often find that James Morrow's books are overlooked by a lot of people who would probably really like them.  I rarely read fiction any more, but I make an exception in this case.

If you're not familiar with him, he writes really intelligent satire, usually focusing on religion and/or human nature, sometimes with a bit of a sci-fi- twist.  Some of his stuff I'd highly recommend:

Only Begotten Daughter:  A lonely Jewish man makes money by donating sperm.  God (who, it turns out, is female), implants a holy ovum into the donated sperm so that Jesus' half-sister can be born.  It follows her life as she grows up and deals with whether or not to try to save the world or if it's better left unsaved, on top of the normal issues facing teen girls today.  She is hounded by fundies, stops in Hell to chat with Jesus (they explain why Jesus, and almost everyone else who's ever lived, is in Hell), and starts an advice column. 

Towing Jehovah: God dies and falls from Heaven, leaving a two mile long corpse in the ocean.  The Vatican quickly commissions a supertanker to tow it to the Antarctic before humanity finds out they're not accountable for their actions anymore.  A rich group of Atheists finds out and tries to destroy the corpse first, because if it is discovered, it would prove that they had been wrong.  Hilarity ensues.

Blameless in Abaddon:  An independant sequal to Towing Jehovah.  Turns out God isn't quite dead, just comatose, and he's hooked up to a life support system as the main attraction at a Christian theme park in Florida.  A small town judge who is terminally ill and has lost his wife in an accident decides to have God towed to The Hague to be put on trial for the suffering of humanity.

City of Truth: A City employs aversion therapy on children so that no one living in the town can physically tell a lie.  A man finds his child is terminally ill and wants to teach himself to lie so he can convince the child his prognosis is better than it really is.  A quick read, and makes you realize just how many 'little white lies' the average person tells in the course of a day.
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Re: Anyone like James Morrow?
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2008, 10:01:12 PM »
I haven't read any of his other books yet, but I loved The Last Witchfinder. It's about a woman in the late 1600's-early 1700's who makes it her life's quest to disprove the notion of witches. It's really a great novel for skeptics.
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