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This is a well written Rock Hits Earth novel.

The story is basically that there is a large Apollo asteroid circling the sun with the deviation from the planetary ecliptic slowly shifting. On the next sweep, the large asteroid will impact the Earth. 11 months counting down.

Benford and Rotsler take the approach that people will go crazy in the time leading up to the hit. The depiction of the crazy religions is interesting and scary. The Followers of Brother Gabriel are particularly interesting and scary. The religious nut jobs say that it is god’s will and that the government’s attempts to stop the rock, need to be stopped. I wonder which nut jobs they used as their model.

Without a lot of evidence, I suspect that people won’t behave that way before a global catastrophe. In the movies, before a disaster, people panic, they scream, they shove etc. In reality, true stories I have read indicate that most people will behave fairly sensibly. The average person will be somewhat stunned, but won’t prevent someone from leading them sensibly. There may be a few panicky people, but the rest of the people will keep them in line. And there will be a few people who will take the lead and make the situation better.
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