Author Topic: Why didn't they become famous?  (Read 8128 times)

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Re: Why didn't they become famous?
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Oh! I almost forgot... Rob Thomas! - Not a Monster band, but when Matchbox 20 was called "Tabitha's Secret", the very first airing ever of the song "3-AM" was on their show here locally. I have a copy of it.

i saw tabitha's secret a long time ago.  i remember the guy was barefoot.  and my friends and i referred to them as "cloning crows" cause they sounded just like counting crows from that same era. 

i used to like some local band called "the spin doctors", and "braille closet" and some other one i can't eve remember the name of -- that was sooooooo long ago.

edit -- oh, and "love gods in leisure suits" was always fun.  i remembered them while googling to try and remember the name of that local band i used to like so long ago.  mike was always very nice -- i recall some fun evenings at club spacefish too.  and beach club.  i think mike might still be around the local scene, EE, and you might know him.

edit again, oops - that local band i liked wasn't the spin doctors, it was the spin men.  ;D
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Re: Why didn't they become famous?
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I remember LGILS!
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