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Interesting New Features in SMF 2.0
« on: December 07, 2008, 04:01:08 pm »
Welcome to SMF 2.0!

There are two new features of this version of the forum software that you will probably find very useful, and one we hope you'll never come in contact with but you should know about anyway.  Here is a little tutorial on them.

Private Message Labeling

Now you can group the messages in your Inbox by whatever criteria you want!
To start, just go to My Messages -> Preferences -> Manage Labels and create a label or two.  Then go to your Inbox, check the boxes of messages you want to label, then pick your label from the "Label selected:" dropdown menu below the message list.  The message stays in your Inbox, but now it's labeled so that you can easily find it.  Just click on the label in the My Messages -> Labels area.

  • You can only label messages in your Inbox.  Messages in your "Sent Items" box (what used to be called "Outbox") can't be labeled, unfortunately.

Ignore List

Yes, at long last, SGU has an Ignore feature!
The previous version of the software had a way to ignore PMs from specified members; 2.0 extends this functionality to forum posts as well.  Go to Profile -> Modify Profile -> Personal Messaging and add usernames to the Ignorelist: box.  From them on, posts made by those users will be replaced by a note reminding you that you have that member on your Ignore list, with a link you can click on to display that particular post if you want to.

  • The interface is kind of clunky.  It would be nice to have an "Ignore this user" link at the end of each post, around where the "Report to moderator" link is... but there isn't.
  • Posts by ignored users show up for a split second before being replaced by the reminder note.
  • Signatures and avatars of ignored members still show up in each post.
  • You can't ignore mods and admins.  You can add them to your Ignore list, but their posts will show up anyway.  Sorry!

Moderation Functionality Changes

Before, warnings given by moderators would all have to be tracked by hand.  Not any longer.  When a warning is given now, the moderator will raise a "warning level" to the member being warned.  If a member's warning level reaches a certain threshold, his or her posts will have to be approved by a moderator before they appear on the board.  If the warning level goes even higher, the member will be "muted" (prohibited from posting) until the warning level goes down again.

The warning level will go down automatically by a certain amount every day that the member doesn't receive a new warning, so eventually it will return to below those thresholds and the member can post freely again... all without further moderator intervention.

This system makes sanctions a lot more objective and fair, but we still hope that its use will be rare.
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