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Malcolm Gladwell - Outliers (2008)
« on: December 21, 2008, 07:29:51 pm »
I just got Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers the other day.  I read it in two days; it was very good.

Basically he talks about how, although there is a lot of smarts and skill and determination that are responisble for one's success, it also has to do a lot with chance (such as when/where you born and such).

For example, many hockey players in the NHL are born in Jan through April.  Why?  Because as kids when they played in leagues those kids would be the oldest (as compared to a kid born in novemeber of the same year) and, usually taller.  So that would work to their advantage.  Plus, because they were taller, they would get even more training and coaching than the kids born in the later months, so they keep getting better and better.

One interseting thing in the book is about the South.  He cited some studies that have shown that southerns, overall are easier to piss off than northerners.  He does say, though, taht northers get frustrated more easily, but then cool down- whereas soutehrens will stay calm for longer than a northerner would, but then could get much more annoyed and angry.  From my experiences, that part makes sense, I have been to the south several times and have always found it to be much friendlier than the north.  He cites that this 'southern rage' is due to the certain group of people from Great britian who moved here hundreds of years ago.  They came from a hilly, not-very fertile part of england.  And like many people from similiary areas, they were herdsman and very protective/loyal of their clans.  So they brought this 'violent' culture to the south when they moved here hundreds of years ago.  And even today, this persists .  They also borught a certain dialect of english to the south and appalachia, which can still be detected by the appalachian accent and southern accents.

I just ordered another book called Albion's Seed that discusses how 4 different groupd of British peoples colonized/settled in four different areas of the US.  The book discusses how each of those peoples language and culture have left a legacy on each part of the US that they settled.

Sounds INteresting

ALSO, in the book Outliers, GLADWELL talks about how the rice culture of asia has influenced learning and their educational system.  Very good read.
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Re: Malcolm GLADWELL's Outliers
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2008, 08:20:38 pm »
i've read blink, and most of the tipping point - the audiobook i downloaded was apparently ripped from a CD with HUGEnormous scratches on all of the tracks, so i've got a lot of skipping and i just can't listen to it.

i'm looking forward to reading outliers - i think i might borrow it from a friend.
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