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DW - Save the Day song..
« on: August 07, 2009, 09:36:05 AM »
Tell me what u think about this song I recorded... sorta talk about my journey that lead to my beliefs.



[verse 1]

When i was growin up I never really had that much         
So I used to use religion as a kind of a crutch             
mum was into spiritualism i didnt like that stuff         
honestly i just didnt think about my life enough 
way back fore i even knew how to flow rhymes     
i remember wrestling against my own mind         
lyin in bed id look to the sky in low times   
god if you're really there please show signs 
He never showed me shit / that didn't disprove
he could be so legit / just tryin a trick move
To this dude it was possible it was my fault
cause i was such a chauvinist maybe i should improve
For a while i didn't care/
I could smile without wondering about a trial or a prayer
Denial wasn't there/
But i felt like to live my life right that now it was time i declare - why I'm here

SO i needa know /Who's gonna save the day
which road should I go/Who's gonna change the way
that we behave
and help to take the pain away

So I needa know/ Who's gonna save the day
which road should i go/ Who's gonna change the way
we behave
and help to take the pain away

[verse 2]

I was still
searchin then the mission got alot harder
Dad was re-born and the christian god was his father
I couldn't understand it then i always thought he was smarter
But that's what love'll do to get you with that sought after partner
conflicting views were runnin through my head and it hurt
dad said it'd be nice if we all went to church
I listened to all of the words;I wasn't scared I said prayers
but in the end I felt nothing not even a quirk
the pastures verse sounded more like a lecture
He didnt forced me to believe but he definitely applied the pressure
I felt like a lesser; for not feeling this omnipotent pressence
I'd better endeavour to get the bibles message forever +
It killed me it was insane I dwelled you can't understand the pain I felt
I wanted to razor blade myself
cause everyday dad's thinking his own kids'll end up as slaves in hell
i needed help


but Who's gonna save the day
Who's gonna change the way
we behave
and help to take the pain away

Who's gonna save the day
Who's gonna change the way
we behave
and help to take the pain away

[Verse 3]

All these thoughts
were running through my head so i started soul searchin
But the soul doesn't hold answers so i started more learnin
Researching - news, books and reviews
Begun racking up a slew of new youtube views
I knew the questions that I needed to know
Mainly how'd I get here, and now where the hell should I go
Was it Jesus Salvation - Reincarnation
Some sort of creation? but it just led to frustration
No real explanation - a story of sorts
some interesting thoughts, a gap then a leap of desperation
This meditation'll lead to levitation
These freaky foundations I need some medication
Religion would answer everything easily
The only problem is itd do it feebly
It didn't really make sense for me to believe something so vehemently
which didnt even seem to be real to me [are you feeling me? ]


who's gonna save the day? Which road should I go?
Honestly I realised we only know what we know
Make your choice, If it helps you can hold your lies
but I learned I'm the only one who controls my life


So i dont needa know/ who's gonna save the day?
I'll tell you Im gonna save my day
I've got the power
dont need a book or to sit in a dark room for an hour
Your religion isnt really profound
and god of the gaps really shouldnt still be around
so let it be dont voice i should change my ways -
because that's the choice that ive made today

I saved the day, day day

I will change my ways ways ways

it's all up to me, it might seem hard
but im not following, im building my own path

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Re: DW - Save the Day song..
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