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Even great things can be improved upon!
What changes should the Panel make to the podcast?

A few ground rules:
1) Do not suggest changes to the cast.  No one is going anywhere.  Saying "I don't like <insert name of Rogue here>" is insulting whether you mean it to be or not.
2) We all miss Perry.  Lamenting his death or saying how much better you liked the show when he was on it is not constructive.

Longer episodes.

We limit the shows to 1hr 18 min so they can be burned onto a CD.

On occasion have a special guest rogue on (while keeping the same rogues, or when one isn't available), like Phil Plait, for example. They would participate in science or fiction and etc.

You may not want to hear this, but I consider "Who's that noisy" a failed segment. Most fall into one of two categories:

1. A skeptic or true believer says something, and whoever googles what is said first wins. It's usually solved in minutes.

2. Some noise is played, and if somebody accidentially works in the field etc., that one wins. Everybody else doesn't have the slightest idea.

It seems to be very difficult to find a middle ground, ie. something that is not solved in minutes, but that the general audience still has a chance to solve ever.

And worst of all, when the solution is revealed in the next episode, it mostly happens without any context, e.g. in case 1 the panel usually goes "great guy" or "what a douche", and that's it. That's a bit lame for the huge buildup.

So should you decide to drop this segment, I wouldn't miss it.


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