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Volunteers Needed 2009-2010

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The SGU needs the help of web programmers (.net / flash) and graphic artists.  We have several projects in the cue.  If you have the skills and the time please leave me a note here or email me from the website.

If you know how to write Grant applications let me know.


I can maybe help with graphic arts. I'm in school right now, and it's pretty hectic, so I probably wouldn't be able to do much until 2010.

I lean more towards illustration type work, though, so my skill set might not be what you need. Lemme know more if you think I could be of use.

I may be able to help with graphics, though I lean more towards diagrams like you'd see in textbooks rather than abstract art like the banner to the forums.

Also, I have experience writing grants (for NASA).

Edit: Forgot to specify ... I know Photoshop very well.  Not so much Illustrator.  I've also done a fair amount of HTML (12 years strong) and Java.

I can program in flash (actionscript 2.0), I can 'shop and use 3dstudio max.

registering to volunteer my services :3 

7 years experience with Adobe Illustrator, mostly for screenprint graphics.
pretty good with photoshop too.


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