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A romantic sceptical song
« on: December 08, 2009, 06:58:19 pm »
One in a Trillion- Original Song by Marc Otway


It was the end of the evening,
Most people had gone away,
But when they left,
You decided to stay,
Where we were miles away,
From the world of the day,
The world was sleeping,
The ocean slowly breathed in and out,
And on the sand,
There was no one else about,
As we gazed at the stars,
I pondered what the are,

Giant suns in endless space,
Where nothing can survive,
One in a trillion,
That's the chance,
That we are both alive,
One day we both exist,
Just like before,
We are but a moment in infinity,
But I couldn't ask for more

The sun comes up,
I can see all around,
Beauty from chaos,
Just like faces in the clouds,
Put perfectly in place,
By only time and space,
And your eyes,
Took a billion years to make,
That I can see,
As I watch them slowly wake,
They weren't made in a day,
As some would like to say