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Tales From The Norse
« on: March 25, 2010, 06:13:24 AM »
A while back a volunteered to do some narration for LibriVox, and recorded a couple of sections of a book on Norse folk tales.

Don't get your hopes up too far, they'll let just anybody have a hand in making a recording.  But it was fun dong the voices, and I thought these two particular stories I tackled were pretty interesting:

The Tale Of Hacon Grizzelbeard
This is a very sordid tale.  As it happens, that's my favourite kind!  A bratty, not to bright princess meets a sly prince who's good at disguises.  Scandal, crime, adventure, horse mutilations, and a rather unique method of convincing a girl to sleep with you.  All this in 15 minutes!  What's not to like?

The Tale Of Gudbrand On The Hillside
Not much to this story.... but it contains one of my favourite quotes from literature:

"T'is always better to save one's life than to have a cock."

Also, I like how the story presents a clear hierarchy of farm animals, each of which is supposed to be more desirable than the last:

Cow < Horse < Pig < Goat < Sheep < Goose < Cock

Apparently, the cock is king of the farm animals!

(In real life, though, I'm betting that the hierarchy of desirability is exactly opposite)

*EDIT* The forum won't let me just paste a link to the MP3 files without embedding them.  If you prefer to have the download links, they're at the following URL:
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