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Cool idea for sci-fi movie or book
« on: July 04, 2010, 02:10:57 PM »
i have this great idea for a movie or book ... it's about scientists in the future that have invented a way to transfer the mind to a computer system like in "ghost in the shell". But this story is a little bit different, the scientists actually find a way to use dna samples of dead people and insert the code in the computer system... this makes it possible to bring the dead back to life. As part of an experiment the scientists decide to take dna of people like Adolf Hitler... and bring them back to life in the digital world. They forgot however that a dna moleculizer is also hooked-up to the computer system, the evil that inhabits the computer world finds a way to access it and materialize hundred's of years in the future. The resurrected still have memory's of the time & era they came from and have an understanding themselves why they became the evil men they had become, in this world however...  in the future they live in... the circumstance's are completely different and their hate makes place for self reflection... They now see that they where wrong, and the viewer can see what would have happened if circumstances would have been different in the world..., these men historically known as evil had their upbringing.

* there could be several evil men... for example Joseph Stalin, or Genghis Kahn (he wasn't really evil... but he killed a lot of people, would he have done things differently ?)

* there is one problem, memory isn't stored in DNA...

But i have a solution... once the DNA is digitalized and transfered to the computer system, the scientists emulate the entire life of the character... He must go trough this process before he
can live on in this new enviroment.. So from the outset he has no choice then to become what he was in his lifetime... But after this emulation, something goes wrong and the evil genius gets
access to the dna moleculizer, then he begins to realize he was an evil man and that the scientists forced him to become just that once again in the emulated computer world. He realize's it where
the circumstances that made him who he was and changes his mind, so now he isn't evil anymore. All he want's is revenge on the scientists for making him suffer again.

The scientists always thought of themselves as good & honest people.. In order to kill men that changed their mind and have decided to be good, the scientists now have to perpetrate evil deeds themselves. Is new evil on the rise ??

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