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Quotes and text from Jack Vance's Dying Earth novels
« on: July 04, 2010, 07:44:52 PM »
    * "Cease the bickering! I am indulging the exotic whims of a beautiful princess and must not be distracted."

    * Gid: hybrid of man, gargoyle, whorl, leaping insect. Grue: man, ocular bat, the unusual hoon.

    * "Until work has reached its previous stage, nympharium privileges are denied to all."

    * "My clever baton holds your unnatural sorcery in abeyance."

    * "My eye went to you like the nectar moth flits to jacynth."

    * "Mischief moves somewhere near and I must blast it with my magic!"

    * She contrived to twist her body into first one luxurious position, then another.

    * "I become drunk as circumstances dictate."

    * "Am I known as Cugel the Clever for nothing?" — Cugel, in The Eyes of the Overworld

    * "All is mutability, and thus your three hundred terces has fluctuated to three."

    * "We go to the image expander; there we will explode the ghost to the macroid dimension."

    * "First you are swathed head to foot in the intestines of fresh killed owls." — the sorcerer Pharesm, in The Eyes of the Overworld

    * "The contingency is remote."
          o (This is also a Jeeves quote in the PG Wodehouse Novels.)

    * "My talismans are not obviously useless." — Cugel, in The Eyes of the Overworld

    * At his elbow a voice said, "I am Chun the Unavoidable."

    * The creature displayed the qualities reminiscent of both coelenterate and echinoderm. A terrene nudibranch? A mollusc deprived of its shell? More importantly, was the creature edible?

    * "Since like subsumes like, the variates and intercongeles create a superpullulation of all areas, qualities and intervals into a chrystorrhoid whorl, eventually exciting the ponentiation of a pro-ubietal chute; the 'creature,' as you called it, pervolved upon itself; in your idiotic malice, you devoured it." — the sorcerer Pharesm, in The Eyes of the Overworld

    * Ah! Five hundred years I have toiled to entice this creature, despairing, doubting, brooding by night, yet never abandoning hope that my calculations were accurate and my great talisman cogent. Then, when finally it appears, you fall upon it for no other reason than to sate your repulsive gluttony!— the sorcerer Pharesm, in The Eyes of the Overworld

    * ...the void in his mind athrob for the soothing pressure of knowledge.

    * Sixty bobbins: Blikdak was no more.

    * "Are you ready for unorthodox procedures?"

    * "So now, be off! Or I inflict upon you the Spell of the Macroid Toe, whereupon the signalized member swells to the proportions of a house."

    * "There can be no doubt as to the facts as I have stated them. Orthodoxy derives from this axiomatic foundation, and the two systems are mutually reinforcing: hence each is doubly validated." — an elder of Farwan, in The Eyes of the Overworld

    * "Notice this rent in my garment; I am at a loss to explain its presence! I am even more puzzled by the existence of the universe." — Lodermulch, in The Eyes of the Overworld

    * "At Gundar we conceive 'innocence' as a positive quality, not merely an insipid absence of guilt," stated the Nolde. — the Nolde Huruska, in The Seventeen Virgins from Cugel's Saga

    * "So then: onward to Lumarth, and let meticulous discretion be the slogan!" — Shimilko, in The Seventeen Virgins from Cugel's Saga

    * "The folk are peculiar in many ways," said Erwig. "They preen themselves upon the gentility of their habits, yet they refuse to whitewash their hair, and they are slack in their religious observances. For instance, they make obeisance to Divine Wiulio with the right hand, not on the buttock, but on the abdomen, which we here consider a slipshod practice." in The Bagful of Dreams from Cugel's Saga

    * "What is all this commotion? Gookin, why do you lie among the cheeses?" Twango from Cugel's Saga

    * "Excellent; all is well. The 'everlasting tedium' exactly countervenes the 'immediate onset of death' and I am left only with the 'canker' which, in the person of Firx, already afflicts me. One must use his wits in dealing with maledictions." - Cugel, from The Eyes of the Overworld

    * "What are your fees?" inquired Guyal cautiously. "I respond to three questions," stated the augur. "For twenty terces I phrase the answer in clear and actionable language; for ten I use the language of cant, which occasionally admits of ambiguity; for five, I speak a parable which you must interpret as you will; and for one terce, I babble in an unknown tongue." — From Guyal of Sfere, The Dying Earth.
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Re: Quotes and text from Jack Vance's Dying Earth novels
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2010, 01:12:39 AM »
I already read "The Dying Earth" by Jack Vance and the quotes I like from his novel in his Chapter 1, "Turjan of Miir". It says there that mischief moves somewhere near and I must blast it with my magic! I like the whole story if this novel.