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Welcome to the official forum of The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe. Tell us a little about yourself!

Thanks Rebecca for setting up this board for us.  I look forward to chatting with all of you and thanks for listening.

I just recently came across the podcast and have been enjoying going back in time listening to the episodes.

I'm a married guy in the midwest, live the suburbs, and have two kids and a dog. Somehow I'm a liberal atheist despite the perfect sterotype. I have a great interest in science although, even with my degree in physics, I'd consider myself a layman.

I guess that will do for an introduction.

Hi, I'm Chris.  I am an astrophysics masters student in New Zealand.  I found your podcast a few months ago and have been slowly catching up on all the episodes.  Of the 30 or so podcasts I listen to, yours is in the top half a dozen.

My skeptical interests are mainly ID/creationism, alternative medicine, psychics, and cryptozoology.

Thank you all for a great podcast, and I hope this message board becomes a popular place for skeptical discussion.

Hey guys! Congratulations for getting in the forum on the ground floor. Tell your friends!


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