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Science fiction anthem!
« on: November 04, 2010, 12:19:19 AM »
I posted this a while ago, but I posted it in the music section because somehow I missed this section.  I think it is more appropriate to (re) post here since it is my creation, and not just someone else's music I am talking about.

Enjoy, and if enough people buy the song, I will give you a whole album!

Repost below:
Fellow Rogueans,

I have just released a science fiction anthem that I am dedicating to science and skepticism.  An earlier version of this song was initially released on the 2010 TWIS compilation album (or so I was told, I never received my copy), but the song wasn’t 100% complete at the time.  I have since added two humans, and several robots to the song and re-released it through iTunes, Amazon, Napster and other music stores.

I got the idea for the song when reading Shermer’s Why People Believe Weird Things (listening to the audio book actually). 

The song is quite unoriginally titled:
The Year We Make Contact In Uranus

It was written in nine parts for electric violin, electric contrabass, contrabass, drums, vocals and a slew of special effects.

More info about The Year We Make Contact In Uranus can be found here:
iTunes link here:
Amazon link here.:

Please rate and review it.  If I sell enough copies to convince the wife that I can quit a day job, ohhh say 50,000 copies or so, I will release an album or two.

Thank you for  your support and criticism.

Yours in skepticism,
Erich Meatleg
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