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Using Excel 2007 to parse game threads
« on: August 24, 2011, 11:06:48 PM »
I'm using Excel 2007.  I use the "print" feature on the thread which shows the thread in a neat, clean format.  Then I copy the URL from the address bar.  Then I right-click on the window with the thread text and get the option to "Export to Excel".  When I do that, it doesn't work but has an address bar in the Excel window that opens.  I past the address I copied earlier into the address box and click okay.  That opens Excel with the whole thread as separate lines in Column A.

If you are good with Excel, then you can do some interesting parsing with the data.  I name my sheet 1 with all the data "Data" and then go to sheet two and type everyone's name in column A as a separate cell.  Then in column B I put this formula:

=COUNTIF(Data!A:A, "Post by: " & A1 & "*")

I copy that down from B1 to all the cells next to a players' name and I get the number of times that player has posted in the thread.

In sheet 3, I've written some formulas and arranged some columns so that I can autofilter on a player's name and get all the posts by just that player.  It's a little clunky, but its a LOT easier than trying to go back through 40 pages of text to see how someone is acting.

Does anyone else use such craziness?
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