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Eternally Learning:
I think one submission per thread, but we should be allowed to change our submission before the deadline.  That way it wouldn't get crazy and would inspire more competition by allowing the initial posters to up their game and try to out-do the later posters.

So, my thoughts on some of the issues raised.

Multiple photos in the competition thread

Some people want to have several photos, some think it should be one photo in the competition thread and that's your entry. I think everyone is agreed that a person should only enter one photo to make things easier and fairer. So how about we have a separate thread for other photos? This can be a continuously on going thread, where people can add in photos as they wish, either as addition to that weeks theme or just interesting photos they've taken. When a new competition thread is announced, I'll link to the random thread and we can have a new starting point for extra photos there.

What to do with the winner

It's been suggested that if you win one competition, you shouldn't be eligible for the following weeks to ensure that the same person doesn't keep winning week after week. To be honest, I'm happy to reserve judgement on this one for the time being unless it becomes a problem. Judging by some of the photos that were submitted in the first week, I think we should get a high standard of photos which will mean that different people will win each time. If this doesn't happen and the same group of small people are consistently winning, I'm happy to revisit this and see what others think.

To remind people, I'm making this up as I go along. None of the rules are set in stone and I'm trying to make it as fair and as fun for everyone and I need your help to do so.

Eternally Learning:
My tentative/changeable take:

Until voting opens people should only post one photo in the actual thread, but be free to modify their post with a different one if they feel they've been outshined.  They'd just need to make a new post saying they updated their submission post with the new photo.  Once voting opens of course, they should be stuck with each other.  I do like the idea of a secondary thread for efforts we don't intend to submit or had changed out though.  Instead of a dupe thread for each contest though, I think a single corrolary thread like this one would be better.

Agreed it's too early to start restricting winning streaks.  Perhaps if someone wins twice or three times in a row though, they should be forced to sit the next one out.

Eternally Learning:
What'd you decide DK?  Changeable submission posts?  Also, are you going to make that other thread soon?  I have some others I'd love to post there.

Random Photography Thread is now open and can be found here.

I think what we'll do is you can only enter one photo, but you can change it before the deadline. If you do enter a new photo, can you put the older one behind spoiler tags? That way people won't get confused about which photo they're supposed to be voting for. I thought about getting people to delete them, but that might get confusing if other people start talking about the photo you've already posted.


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