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Photoimage Posting Act
« on: April 01, 2012, 12:53:01 AM »
An Act respecting posting and display of photoimages and to amend certain Acts in relation thereto


Short title

1. This Act may be cited as the Photomage Posting Act.



2. (1) In this Act,
“adminstrative personnel”
“administrative personnel” refers to any persons employed, whether remunerated or not, to see to the upkeep and general performance of
“cat” refers to the species Felis silvestris catus or any depictions thereof.  It does not refer to any other member of the family Felidae or its subfamilies, nor fossil genera now extinct.
“member” means a person, individual, or corporation having a membership in good standing on or any of its sister sites.
“photoimage” means any non-verbal visual representation of any kind, including but not limited to photographs or illustrations.
“posting” refers to the act of creating a new thread, responding to an existing thread, commenting on a thread, or any other action which results in the addition of alphanumeric content to which is not performed by adminstrative personnel in the course of their normal duties.
“” refers to the Universal Reference Link (“URL”), any subdomains on that primary domain, any of the subforums contained therein, and the pages on those domains and subdomains.

Meaning of “other means of telecommunication”

(2) For the purposes of this Act, “other means of telecommunication” means any wire, cable, radio, optical or other electromagnetic system, or any similar technical system.


(3) This Act shall be construed and applied in a manner that is consistent with the freedom of expression and journalistic, creative and programming independence enjoyed by forum users.

Posting Policy for


3. (1) It is hereby declared as the posting policy for that
        (a) the forum system shall be effectively owned and controlled by members;
        (b) the forum system, operating primarily in the English language and comprising public, private and
              community elements, provides, through its content, a public service essential to the maintenance
              and enhancement of forum identity and cultural sovereignty;
        (c) the posting system should
                (i) serve to safeguard, enrich and strengthen the cultural, political, social and economic fabric of
                (ii) encourage the development of member expression by providing a wide range of programming
                     that reflects members attitudes, opinions, ideas, values and artistic creativity, and by offering
                     information and analysis concerning science and other topics from a skeptical point of view,
                (iii) through its programming and the employment opportunities arising out of its operations,
                     serve the needs and interests, and reflect the circumstances and aspirations, of member men,
                     women and children, including equal rights, the multicultural
                     and multiracial nature of members, and
                (iv) be readily adaptable to scientific and technological change.


Binding on His Majesty

4. (1) This Act is binding on His Majesty, Beleth, in right of or its subdomains.
Application generally
(2) This Act applies in respect of posting carried on in whole or in part within or on board
        (a) any ship, vessel or aircraft that is
                (i) registered or licensed under an Act, or
                (ii) owned by, or under the direction or control of, His Majesty, Beleth, in right of
                     or its subdomains.
        (b) any spacecraft that is under the direction or control of
                (i) His Majesty, Beleth, in right of or its subdomains,
                (ii) a member of

For greater certainty

(3) For greater certainty, this Act applies in respect of postings whether or not they are carried on for profit or as part of, or in connection with, any other undertaking or activity.



5. (1) It is hereby declared that all photoimages posted to must primarily be of, or pertaining to, cats.
(2) Where administrative personnel deem the photoimage of any subject to be of urgent importance to members generally or to persons viewing any portion of the forum system, the moderators may, by order, direct the administrative personnel to issue a notice to members throughout the forum system, of any class specified in the order, requiring the members to post the photoimage in accordance with the order, and members to whom any such notice is addressed shall comply with the notice.


6. (1) “Primarily of” means where the substantial portion of the photoimage is of a cat (or cats,) or where the primary subject of the image is a cat (or cats).
(2) Photoimages which contain substantial portions of alphanumeric text, such that the alphanumeric text obscures the feline subject, or where the alphanumeric text covers more than twenty five (25) percent of the image shall be deemed non-compliant with s.5(1).



Posting contrary to the Act
7. (1) Every person who, not being exempt from the requirement, posts a photoimage in contravention of s.5(1) is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction and is liable for a suspension not exceeding one (1) week for a first offence or of permanent banning for a subsequent offence, subject to a meeting of administrative personnel to discuss the situation.

Contravention of regulation or order
(2) Every person who contravenes or fails to comply with any regulation or order made under section 5(2) is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction and is liable to a suspension not exceeding twenty-four (24) hours for a first offence and not exceeding one (1) week for each subsequent offence.

8. Proceedings for an offence under section 7, may be instituted within, but not after, two (2) years after the time when the subject-matter of the proceedings arose.

Right to due process and appeal
9. A member found guilty of an offence under section 7(1) of the Act shall have no right of habeas corpus or any right of appeal.


Coming into Force

Coming into force
10. This Act or any provision thereof shall come into force on a day or days to be fixed by order of the administrative personnel.
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