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Re: D&D Puzzle Help
« Reply #30 on: October 24, 2015, 05:11:45 am »
And Zyth - kudos for your idea, but if it's too complicated for me to understand, I can't hope to be able to run it for a party. Sorry. :(

I think Zyth just explained it in a very technical way.

The basic idea is simply that each level has 3 different ways of getting to the next level, except really each of the three ways goes to a different version of the next level - there are really 9 floors, three identical versions times three levels.
Some sort of pattern of the way you pass through the different levels / versions lets you get through to the end area. An incorrect pattern leads back to one of the versions of the first level instead.

The stuff about colours, tapestries, levers etc is suggestions on how to present the clues of how to move through the levels, or complications to make it more difficult. But you could use any clues or concepts that make sense to you from the basic idea of identical areas.
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Re: D&D Puzzle Help
« Reply #31 on: October 24, 2015, 12:05:57 pm »
Why does the puzzle exist? Is it like a spare key for the mage? Why are there clues? Should there be hints, or are there flaws in the security protocol that could be noticed? Perhaps a sound gets louder when you're getting closer to the right combo (analogous to tumblers) or a scent talk can be followed, or dust is a different flavor and the wizards have trodden...

It's not the mage's spare key, it's his key. It's how he gets (actually, got - he's long dead) into his tower while keeping others out.

The clues are the spare key, perhaps.

That's what I'm getting at - the clues. Normally we don't leave clues to security systems laying about. Postits on the screen are not recommended. :) Why would the mage create a set of clues at all? If he's going to such great lengths to secure the place I'd think he wouldn't just leave something out there to figure out.

On the other hand, no security system is perfect. There will be flaws that can be exploited, even if the players can never find the original key. Is there a glitch in the teleporation effects that tells you when the floors are in the right order? Could the floors be actual tumblers in a massive safe, turning in orientation to one another as you pass through from floor to floor? And aligning them all opens a passage to the treasure room? There could be information leakage - wear patterns, fading of tapestries in the light, dust on the floor due to long slow accumulation, etc.

Riddles can be fun to figure out, of course. I just don't find them as satisfying as overcoming a solid security measure - like breaking into a server room by going under the raised floor, or reading data off a network by using a high speed camera and telephoto lens to catch the lights blinking on a router across the street. :)
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