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Re: Games We've Recently Played (And Wot We Fink)
« Reply #540 on: January 13, 2020, 03:29:51 PM »
Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon

I really loved the original Age of Mythology back in the days. I like the basic Age of Empires playing style (which I think came close to perfection in Age of Empires II), and Age of Mythology has that, and also soothes my interest in history and mythology, in addition to making the civilizations distinct, compared to Age of Empires. It also is somewhat faster-paced than the previous games, without compromising on the building and economy parts, which is really nice.

The original game had Greek, Egyptian, and Norse civilizations, and The Titans expansion added the Atlantean civilization, which is really a rehash of the Greek civilization as far as deities are concerned. I always thought that was a waste, and the Atlantean civilization is not well-designed IMO. I would have preferred a Mesoamerican civilization. This most recent expansion, Tale of the Dragon, adds the Chinese civilization. I think it is a good choice, and the civilization is well-designed as well.

The attentive readers will notice that the game is by nature anachronistic. Egyptian, Greek, and Norse cultures of the varieties in the game existed literally millennia apart from each other. The game is supposed to take place so long ago, "a time when history and myth are one".

Mild spoiler:
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I hope for further expansions of this game. A Mesoamerican civilization would be very cool. But there are surely other options as well.

I certainly plan to replay the original campaign, following the trails of Arkantos, Ajax, Amanra, and the others. That campaign, though suffering a bit from being too repetitive at times (most of the time it is build a base, attack the enemy), has a very well-mad story IMO, and those who know about Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythologies will often recognize various parts of the campaign.
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Re: Games We've Recently Played (And Wot We Fink)
« Reply #541 on: January 14, 2020, 10:16:01 AM »
Jedi: Fallen Order.
Boy, is this game great. Of course I am playing on Story Mode because I don't enjoy being repeatedly kicked in the head, but the gameplay is incredible, the graphics are magnificent, the plot is amazing and I actually care about the characters.

Yeah, I loved the game, though I think its strongest elements were the story, characters, and settings.  The gameplay was close to being truly special but it is a bit imprecise which led to a lot of frustrations on my part at Jedi Master level.  I'm no hardcore gamer, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't a lack of skill as sometimes I could cut through a whole squad of shock and storm troopers in seconds, and other times I would struggle to land a single hit on one.  It was never so bad that I was ready to quit, save for the final boss, but everything else about the game kept me coming back for more.  Also, I rather like a narrative heavy game where completing everything isn't some sort of endurance challenge and is instead fun.  I'd put this game at a 8.5/10.

Thanks for the recommendation. Bought this for the boy's birthday and we are all loving it. Highlights include: The train set-piece at the beginning; giant arachnids; BD-1; story and acting; metroid-style level design. Is that a Sarlacc in the breaker's yard? Hoo boy. Fun fun fun.

We started out on Jedi Knight mode but I have now started again on Jedi Master just for kicks (hopefully not in the head).

A very well realized vision of the Star Wars universe.
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Re: Games We've Recently Played (And Wot We Fink)
« Reply #542 on: January 14, 2020, 06:32:03 PM »
Is that a Sarlacc in the breaker's yard? Hoo boy. Fun fun fun.

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