Author Topic: List of the Not the Very Best TV Shows  (Read 42758 times)

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Re: List of the Not the Very Best TV Shows
« Reply #555 on: January 28, 2019, 03:15:51 PM »
I watched Gillian Andersons new netflix thing Sex Education.
I found it infuriating.
Schools in the UK are very different to the US. But this show tries to make this an American show but with British accents for some reason.
The dialogue and word choices are American. The style of classes, the way the kids eat lunch, the fact that they dont wear uniforms... its all just trying so hard to be a US teen comedy and its grating.

It didn’t seem American at all to me.

Everyone was way to polite.

I thought it was an interesting perspective on British education and culture.

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Having lived in Britain and grown up on British tv, I can say the only 'British' thing about it is the accents.
It isnt any sort of perspective on British education because the showrunners have admitted they based it on John Hughes.
Check out the Inbetweeners though for a much more accurate depiction of how brits often experience school.