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Space Engineers
« on: February 14, 2015, 09:25:13 PM »
This one completely flew under my radar all of last year and some of 2013, but I've been fiddling with it for the past few weeks and have enjoyed the hell out of it.  At its very basic level, it is in many ways Minecraft in space, but this game is distinctly its own thing.  Primarily, it takes a much more realistic angle than Minecraft as the physics engine is pretty good and the resources must be managed in quite different ways than in Minecraft.  I'm still learning a lot and have yet to try survival mode so I'm not sure I'm qualified to really relate all the dynamics of it, but basically it is similar to Minecraft and quite different at the same time.  You mine resources from asteroids and refine them to craft different parts and components for your ships and stations, but as you progress and earn more resources, you're able to craft ships that make mining more efficient for instance to the point where you can even make automated drones of your own design.  As you start building ships, managing resources within them involves creating conveyor, storage, and  assembler systems.  Thankfully, power flows through any block so it's not incredibly complicated, but seeing some of the larger ships people have made it can still get pretty crazy.

The game is still in beta and available through Steam Early Access, but the developer is releasing updates quite often (there've been 3 or 4 substantive updates since I got it a few weeks ago) and while there are certainly bugs to iron out and improvements to be made, it's nothing so bad that the game is unplayable and honestly don't come up too often.  It's also a part of the Steam Workshop so there are a ton of mods and player creations that you can easily download and install onto your game.  As for figuring out if you'd like this game, I'd recommend checking out Youtube as there are a ton of great videos covering different ships, mods, and features for you to get a better feel for how the game works. 

Here are two videos of some neat contraptions that people made for survival that are quite functional.  I think it shows just how creative one can get with this game:

Here'a a smaller of the Large Ship variety that was just released and I think showcases how creative people can get:

Here's a video showing just how insanely big these ships can be:

A build in progress which showcases how creative you can get with the physics in this game.  The main weapon is completely vanilla (I believe) and yet created simply by manipulating the physics to shoot large projectiles.  Additionally, you can see that he's automated a construction yard to create rounds in the chamber to reload (No idea how that works).