Author Topic: Is there a comprehensive book dealing with reactionary online activists?  (Read 998 times)

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I am looking for a book that deals with the sociology of the internet reactionary.

I am sure someone smarter than me has noticed that a wide range of turn back the clock groups use modern communication technology (aka the internet) to spread their ideology. There are a wide range of very different groups who have two things in common a fear of modernity while embracing web communication tools.  Ranging from Holistic living to ISIS groups that want to return to the good old days while embracing some aspects of modernity. Before people start screaming that the two previously  mentioned groups are not the same, I am aware of that. They are not even on the same spectrum of reactionary but they do share these two odd components with many other reactionary online groups. I want to understand why and I am looking for resources on the topic.

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I recommend Jon Ronson's latest book.  'So You've been publicly shamed'
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