Author Topic: Any comparsions between tablet/cell phone vs laptop/desktop processors?  (Read 579 times)

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As I posted a while back, I decided to get a quad core 11 inch tablet. I noted that it can run a full HD movie while my netbook cannot.

Noticed when I looked up the "Raspberry P" (based on the thread about that) that the Wiki article states that the processor is approximately the equivalent of 300 MHz Pentium II of 1997-1999.

It would be nice to find a comparison between tablet/cell phone and laptop/desktop in order to see how they do compare in the grand scheme of things?
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If you google CPU benchmarks you can see various benchmark software comparisons of different CPUs. I don't think those comparisons mean much in the grand scheme of things though, especially if you're comparing a modern low-end with an old high-end CPU. You'd have to compare specific tasks individually.

Also, modern mobile chips come integrated in a package called a System-on-Chip. For video and other things, these SOCs usually have dedicated chips for different dedicated functions. For instance, this is the SOC on my phone: