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Re: Not The Onion: Insane true news-stories
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Police say abducted Norwegian woman probably murdered

Investigator says kidnapping possibly staged to disguise killing of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, wife of wealthy investor

The wife of a wealthy Norwegian businessman who disappeared nearly eight months ago was probably killed and the murder made to look like a kidnapping, police have said.

Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, whose husband, Tom Hagen, is a real estate investor and energy magnate, went missing from their home in Lørenskog, near Oslo, on 31 October.

The Verdens Gang daily reported that the presumed abductors had demanded €9m (£8m) in the cryptocurrency Monero, a digital cash system that is especially hard to trace. A ransom note had been found at the couple’s home. Police at the time refused to confirm the sum but said they had advised the family not to pay.

Seems likely that she was murdered rather than kidnapped.

I'd suspect that the guilty is either her husband or some other family member behind it. If it is someone completely external, then there is not need to fake a kidnapping and sending a stupid letter that astronomically increase the chance to get caught.

The Norwegian police has not said much, except that that all traces in the case lead to her house, and that they are optimistic about solving the case. Is this a way for them to say in a cryptic way that they also believe a family member or close relative to be behind it?
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