Author Topic: Autism: Potentially lethal bleach 'cure' feared to have spread to Britain  (Read 310 times)

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Some things you just really wish were made up:

Thames Valley officers have received a complaint that a young mother was using doses of MMS or “Miracle Mineral Solution” on her young son who has autism.

MMS involves giving children two chemicals – sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid – which combine to form bleach. It is usually sold to be taken orally, but parents are also told to use it as an enema. The potentially lethal mixture is being touted as a cure for autism, cancer, HIV, malaria and Alzheimer’s by the US-based Genesis II Church.


The cure has already been linked to one death and there are several reported cases of those taking it suffering serious injuries. It was banned in Canada after it caused a life-threatening reaction in an elderly man. The US Food and Drug Administration warns that the product “used as directed, produces an industrial bleach that can cause serious harm to health”.


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Re: Autism: Potentially lethal bleach 'cure' feared to have spread to Britain
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People giving this to their child are worthy of a darwin award: Natural selection at work.