Author Topic: How can you manage without sunlight for weeks?  (Read 1096 times)

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Re: How can you manage without sunlight for weeks?
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Do you think if you'd wintered over in Antarctica that you would have joined the "300 Club". Those people are insane.  ;)

They have to experience a 300F change in temperature. They wait for the temp outside to hit -100F, then they have a sauna at 200F for 10 minutes. Then they have to do a naked run outside, with shoes on, for obvious reasons. If they are at the South Pole they do laps around the Pole.

The crazy Russians have the "200 Club". That's much the same except it's 200C. Sauna at 120C (248F) and run naked outside at -80C (-112F). A 360F temp difference  ???

Sounds like something I would like to do.  I wasn't allowed to do the New Years Plunge at Scott Base... I had to look after the participants.
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