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so, this came up in another thread where I felt the need to share something I co-created,

but I thought maybe if it's a popular idea it would be a good general thread (post your blog drafts, song demos, paintings, whatever art you're into that you're keen to get commentary on from people who might have 'professional vision' or just a good artistic eye/ear to offer on it), maybe you made a white and gold dress and a blue and black dress and want to know which one people think is prettier... or if they look too similar for it to be worth taking both to market :D

anyone with an artistic side/background/whatever, I really do welcome critique from.
I'm only just learning, and using a terrible camera right now (we're looking at getting a go-pro). I had never even heard the term 'full frame camera' until yesterday :P
I hope to make more videos, and since they won't always be so frantic, the more stylistic visions I have to work with the better I can make them, and the more aware I am of the art of good photography the better footage I can get. I guess it's O/T though, should I make a thread for this? I know we have people in these kinda fields on the forum

this is the first promo vid for our calisthenics group (largely just a showcase, but also made with a mind toward attracting new members of whatever background or particular interest)

I've got others planned that will have a different focus, and a different vibe, and naturally I want to learn what I can and make them as good as possible. -- avoid errors that are glaring to others, add interesting elements I might not know about, etc.

one problem I'll be having with an upcoming video is that it's mostly combat style training footage, and thus far the best soundbed is what's known as 'brutal death metal' (a particularly unappealing sound to most people). I say 'best' because it brings a matching ferocity to the table, it's suitable _on its own terms_, but very likely unsuitable for the intended audience. I'm not sure what level of compromise needs to be reached. I have no idea what guidelines, say, movie soundtrack composers, have for achieving an effect desirable whichever perspective you're looking from.

in the mean time I'm just playing around with little 15-sec max videos for instagram
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