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Re: Change.FAIL Podcast
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Change.FAIL Podcast Episode 4: Wicked Problems is posted.

RSS Video and Show Notes

Audio Only for Episode 4

Subject: This week Kevin and Julian delve into a realm where failure may be inevitable: wicked problems. Unlike simple problems (colonizing Mars) which can be shaved down to a solution, wicked problems (newspapers) get hairier and hairier the more you examine them. The discussion covers several practical ways to recognize when you're trapped in a wicked problem, even if there is no clear answer to how to escape that trap (detailed show notes).

Production Notes: This episode ran about 15 minutes longer than we intended, as we kept looking for a relatively simple takeaway for solving wicked problems. We didn't find one because, well, wicked problems don't work like that.

Contact: Thanks to the SGU folks and others who have given us feedback on the content and production so far. both have been helpful. If you want to give us feedback elsewhere, you can comment on:

- Twitter @ChgFAIL (,
- Facebook (, and
- Change.FAIL website (http://Change.FAIL/episodes).

If you want to reach us directly, we are on Twitter @BAKevin and @SCI_BA and on email at Kevin@Change.FAIL and Julian@Change.FAIL.

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