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A Document To Save us From Ourselves
« on: July 02, 2016, 01:33:47 PM »
The Yes Referendum

We are the people of the world, and frankly, we are pissed off. We are done letting the powers that be exist without question, above the influence of the common person. Our interests are not well represented, because quite frankly we're not even sure what they are. Honestly how could we? We have lived our entire lives being told what to do next and, even those of us lucky to have the privilege of exercising free will, have been somehow restrained. This is because leaders throughout history have not exactly been the heroes we expect them to be, because even the most noble of leaders have paved the way to their populations' success with the blood and suffering of whoever stood in their way. All of this has led us to the world we are in today, wide spread uncertainty, the American election, ISIS and Al Qaeda claiming many innocent lives and pulling many more to radicalism and violence. The world has always been a terrifying place and we have finally identified the root cause of why. We have come to the realization that there is no unified front, to identify and carry out what is in our interest as a whole, as the humane race.

Modern society has developed in fragments, fragments that have had no chance at unifying during the chaotic development of society. Each new civilization creating it's own doctrine to be blindly followed for generations on end until two civilizations meet and one is absorbed by the other and forced to accept it's laws and customs. This leads to world powers who juggernaut their own agendas and leave the common citizens uncertain, unhappy, and unfulfilled. This is the way things have always been, but that doesn’t mean it's the way they will always have to be. In the last century humanity has developed all the technologies necessary for international synergy. International synergy is the only way to end the massive amounts of suffering the world sees right now. How to successfully achieve this synergy however, that remains a challenge yet to solve. This document has been created and put into circulation to solve that challenge.

Because this is the first movement of it's kind we find it important to state exactly what it is we wish to accomplish, those objectives are as follows.

-We will see if an overwhelming majority of the population agrees with the statements at the beginning of this document. This will be achieved by distribution and circulation of this document. If and only if the early adopters of this movement circulate this document, will the movement get off the ground. This will be the longest phase of this movement, and only through assertive dedication will we ever achieve our goals.

-Once the movement gets off the ground, then it will be time to organize. Due to the abstract nature of this whole movement it may be hard to see exactly what we are organizing around and exactly what for, but to provide an idea of the motives, the name of our organization will be The Comity For The Betterment Of Humanity This step, all of these steps really, are obviously easier said than done, but we are ready to try. We are ready to try to make this happen, not only for us but for the future of or species.

-The Comity will identify what is most important to humanity as a whole regardless of individuals ethnicity, sex, social class, or any other traditionally qualifying group the governments and corporations of this world have sorted us into. While in it's infancy this organization will not have the sway that anybody signing this document would like it to have, but as we start to realize how much power we have as a united people we can start to operate above the currently established global political systems. We are aware that this is a bold and daring statement, and we are aware how terrifying it will be to the previously mentioned infrastructures, but we feel they have failed us and it's time to not only tell them how we really feel, but make them hear it. If they will not do something to help us, we will help ourselves.

-In order to identify humanities major issues, the members of The Comity must all agree on one thing, and as odd as it may sound, it doesn’t even matter what that one thing is. This is because if we can all agree on one problem that needs to be solved, no matter how small the problem, we will be able to start to problem solve as a complete global community, as the human race.

If this is the first time you have heard of or seen this document then the movement is still in it's infancy. What does this mean for any one reader? It means it's demonstrably important for you to share this document with anyone and everyone you can, that is all we ask for anyone who doesn't wish to get involved further. However, if you fully grasp the implications of this movement and want to see major changes start to happen in the world, if you want to stop seeing the global potential be flushed down the toilet, then we encourage and plea for you to reach out to us. In the interest of complete transparency we feel obligated to inform anyone who wants to get involved in this cause that it truly is a very young movement, with no financial backing and no influence of any gravity. But we are ready to beckon in the brave new world and we know the only way that will happen is if we ask for help. We find it important to note that if we gain the follower ship we desire we are fully prepared to do whatever is necessary to bring about the change that we want to see in the world. If this movement gets of the ground, the next decades will be the most exciting and changing time the world has seen thus far.

By commenting “yes” to this post and continuing to appropriate it throughout the global internet community you are saying yes to a happier future for all, saying yes to o more sustainable human race, and fueling the revolution and creating the foundation for a better humanity

Contact us at if you have any questions or recommendations for the cause