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Re: Going Solar
« Reply #90 on: April 02, 2019, 09:44:58 AM »
Speaking of Maui's dependence on oil generated electricity, I read this item today about recent approvals for grid scale solar PV and storage projects in Hawaii, including on Maui:

On Maui a 60MW solar PV farm + 240MWh of storage, with an energy cost of 8c/kWh.

So like so many places now, the costs of the technology has fallen so much that a rapid transition to renewables is increasingly feasible, and becoming a no-brainer in locations with an expensive dependence on fossil fuel generation.

And abundant sunlight.

This is great news. Hawaii is a progressive place. What I wonder is how the above compares to the total energy generation there, and how much it will lower overall electricity cost. If this is 10% of the island's power use it won't have a big effect on a homeowner's electric bill. If it's 90% it will make rooftop solar too expensive to bother with. But I expect to use a lot of electricity when summer hits in full force, so I'll enjoy my solar and I won't feel bad about the expense until grid power drops to 12¢/kWh or so.

The fact that they say they'll pass on the actual cost to the consumer without markup makes me think it will be a small part of the overall power generation and grid power will remain highly dependent on oil, and expensive. But it's a great start.
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