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This is a totally fascinating show.  It is a dramdy about 5 Orthodox Jewish young adults in Israel struggling to balance religion with their social and professional lives.

The episodes start off a bit slow but have gotten better as the show finds its footing.  The best part is the characters feel fleshed out. In america, you very rarely see people in sitcoms for which religion is a big part of their lives who are not the butt of jokes (e.g. Sheldon's mom on The Big Bang theory, or Ned Flanders).  Part of the appeal of the show is that it's just so mundane.  You follow the characters go through their lives and the humor really comes from the absurdity of their predicament, so far it has not relied much on typical sitcom tropes (though I am only 3 episodes in).  It also has strong female characters who are part of a culture not always known for such things.

It's a bit melodramatic and that might wear me out, as I don't usually like melodrama, but so I'm curious enough to keep watching.  If anything, there is a strong anthropological aspect to the show as we get to see a culture different from ours.  I actually know many Orthodox Jews, (I married one) but there's still a big difference between the Israeli and American societies.

Here's a review

Here's a review
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