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Hi guys !

I'm a runner and have Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome ( pain around the kneecap ). I'm now at a physiotherapist who is treating me with methods where my BS-detectors are ringing all the time. ( I know he took courses with and )

One particular thing he is doing every time :
He makes a strength test in my legs where i push or pull against his arm ( very much like that: )
Then he tells me he is gonna make me stronger and presses for maybe 10 seconds on a spot between my belly button and the rib cage. It really hurts.
He repeats the strength test , this time he tells me I'm stronger ( I'm "winning" against him ). I also can feel a difference. When i ask him what he is doing, he says he is activating my muscles through the lymphsystem , but thats it - he kinda refuses to give further explanations...

 ( when i do the strength-test with my wife without the pressing in the belly we have the same result of being stronger the second time. I guess its just natural to be better a second time, maybe you're just warmed up )

So here is the thing: I'm obviously leaving him but I at least want to tell him or write him something. Does anyone know if there is any kind of clinical evidence for doing that kind of technique ?  if not, does someone have a good way of explaining why this technique is such a nonsense ?
I just need to show him that not all clients are "taking" that sort of stuff and I don't just want to talk about my feelings and the ringing of my bs- detectors as a reason for leaving him.

Any help would be much appreciated !!!

Cheers !
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Re: Physiotherapist using dubious methods
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Just off the top of my head I'd say don't bother giving him a reason unless he specifically asks. The chances are he believes that his therapy works, and you'll just get into an argument that he's probably better prepared for, since he does this for a living and can cite multiple lines of fake evidence that you'd have to study to refute, and you still would not convince him.

You could just tell him "I think you are a fraud," but that would accomplish nothing.

You could say, "I don't think your methods are based on real physiology," but again, that would just lead to an argument. I would tell him this only if he insists on a reason why you are leaving. A legitimate health professional would never ask why you are leaving.

So, my advice is, find a different therapist and don't engage with this one.

Just my opinion. And best of luck with your injury. There are (I think) good physical therapists out there. And welcome to the SGU forum.
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Re: Physiotherapist using dubious methods
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Thanks, Daniel !
I very much agree of you with all your points - telling him my opinion would be like pouring a drop of water on a hot stone. I wouldn't be ready for an argument, he wouldn't change his opinion or methods and Douglas Heel and co. keep doing their business.
Its just so... disappointing ! For me its the first time I dove skeptically and critically into medical stuff and found out with what level of quackery some physiotherapists are working and how people like Douglas Heel are making money with their clients. And I also see why its so easy to fall for it as a patient.
So basically I do have a little bit the need to tell him: Hey, I do not agree at all with these things you are doing. I want to do it in a very kind polite way though.
But yeah - in a bigger picture there is probably no point in having discussions with him...

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Re: Physiotherapist using dubious methods
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This sounds an awful lot like the applied kinesiology trick that power-band sellers use to convince the marks that their product has some merit.

It is, indeed, bunk.

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Re: Physiotherapist using dubious methods ( "Be activated" by Douglas Heel )
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Thats funny - my wife showed me exactly that video when she heard about Douglas Heel.

So, now i "researched" a little more about Douglas Heel and his "Be activated" Technique. First of all, this thing is huge , he is holding his courses all over the world , all the time. Its super expensive. The ( unscientific ) health and sports world is praising him. And I cant find anything critical about him !
Now i kind of think that i found the reason for that. First , I still think he is doing mainly BS - therefore intelligent people might not even bother to care about what that guy is doing ( not to mention to make studies about any of his claims ) . Second , Douglas Heel doesn't care about any scientific evidence - its the opposite, like he shows in this article  about his  seminar on his webpage:

"Too many people get caught up in the mechanism, not the result." – Douglas Heel

One doctor in attendance said he was taught, “if it’s not documented in scientific research, you can’t do it”.

"Stop worrying about being right.  As soon as you think you are right, you stop learning." – Douglas Heel

and especially in this video:

Still, if there is anyone with an opinion or experience with that sort of stuff  - you are very welcome to share it !

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