Author Topic: Dr. Steven Gundry ( Lectins, Polyphenols anti-aging super-diet  (Read 917 times)

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I found an interesting medical advertisement.

What do you think about this:

(warning, autoplaying video)

The gist is that Dr. Steven Gundry claims to have discovered that polyphenols are a wonder nutrient that can reduce skin aging, whereas lectins apparently are deleterious to one's health. He claims to have studied supporting this.

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I'd be interested too. Do the SGU peeps take requests ?

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I'd be interested too. Do the SGU peeps take requests ?

You can email them from their web site. They do sometimes reply to emails, and occasionally reply to them on the show. If nothing else, they'll get your email.

This sounds to me like another crackpot diet, even without looking at the linked web site. Somebody has discovered another miracle nutrient, and another thing you must avoid and created a diet plan from it.
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