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So a podcast I've been listening to a lot more recently is We the People Live with Josh Zepps. I don't know that it's an overly popular podcast as I'm the only person I know who listens to it, but it generally focuses on politics and to a lesser extent religion with some lighthearted comedy sprinkled throughout. The host considers himself more liberal but often takes a pretty centered approach to politics and often plays devils advocate. I like when hosts don't just agree with everything the guest says. The guests also have a huge range of political and religions views as opposed to always hearing the same echo chamber of ideas.

Anyways, the most recent episode was a discussion with an ex Muslim feminist blogger named Eiynah which I found really interesting to listen to. It touched on a lot of topics that get discussed here and the politics forum often (this thread might equally belong there). Something that I found particularly interesting was her description of the problem with the western left defending anti-liberal and anti-feminist values held by Muslims. For example making heroes out of Muslim women who "choose" to conceal their faces, defending FGM and sometimes refusing to acknowledge that there is a problem rooted in religion within Muslim communities. She gives a particularly powerful example of how ignorant many Muslims are regarding safe sex or just how sex works in general, which she places a bulk of the blame on the religion.

Her issue with the left was that they often blindly support anti-liberal values rooted in Islam because they're more concerned with automatically taking the polar opposite approach to anything the western right stands for. So because the right is obviously the political group that is most against minorities and Muslims in general, the left is too quick to defend many aspects of Islam. It leaves many people who consider themselves liberal who have criticisms of Islam with few options other than right leaning platforms which they would prefer not to use. It's basically just another case of tribalism winning out over honest discussion in many cases. This all aligns well with my own anecdotal experiences (which is maybe why I enjoyed the episode). People I know who consider themselves very left leaning see police in France forcing women to change their choice of clothing for swimming and say "Well that's super wrong so anything against Muslims wearing anything is equally super wrong" when really there's a lot of room in between. They see people on the right saying all Muslims should be banned from immigrating and say "Well that's a disgusting view by the right, who I hate, so all things critical of Islam are disgusting" and suddenly there's no room for discussing if there's a problem with the religion itself.

The link below will play the episode in case anyone else is curious enough to give it a listen.
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