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Re: Episode #609
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Like others, I'm always late to this because I listen to the podcasts a month or two late.

Anyway, someone mentioned the construction of the Saturn V. In essence it was over engineered and that's why they were able to make weight savings: they could shave off bits here and there whilst still maintaining the structural integrity. Also it was mentioned that the last three missions were cancelled, and the fear from Apollo 13.

What is important to note is that the launch vehicles for those missions were already paid for, and built. One got used for Skylab (the Apollo 20 vehicle) and the other two ended up as static displays.

Regarding the fear of problems, there were a number of NASA people who felt that since the goal of landing on the Moon had been achieved with Apollo 11, they shouldn't push their luck and should stop right there. Apollo 13 raised the fears even further but overall it was just plain budget cuts that lost the missions.