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bread and sore throat meds ;)
« on: March 14, 2017, 05:15:18 PM »
Hi all,
Tonight I made an interesting discovery. I was eating a "baguette" from a local grocery store, so something between real bakery's bread and an industrial loaf. Out of curiosity I glanced at the ingredient list and found out it contains some: alpha-amylase. I was surprised because the only other times I had heard of this was as an active ingredient of a sore throat medication: Maxilase.
I double checked on the Internet and it turns out that:

- Alpha-Amylase is a protein enzyme that (if I understood correctly) helps break down starch, and glycogen into fructose and maltose
- Alpha-Amylase can be used in bread production to speed up leavening.
- The Maxilase sold in France contains Alpha-Amylase as an active ingredient 3000U per tablet. I have no clue how much an U is.
- The Maxilase sold in India contains Serrapeptase
- Both Alpha-Amylase and Serrapeptase have been claimed to act as anti-inflammatory agents, but I found a very old paper contradicting the claim for the former, while wikipedia lists similar results for the latter

Has anyone done any more research (I spent 5 minutes on it) on the effectiveness of these two supposed anti-inflammatory agents?