Author Topic: Madalyn Murray O’Hair bio-drama  (Read 311 times)

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Madalyn Murray O’Hair bio-drama
« on: March 15, 2017, 04:15:54 PM »
Melissa Leo portrays atheist crusader Madalyn Murray O’Hair in the new bio-drama “The Most Hated Woman in America.” Peter Fonda also stars. Starting next Friday on Netflix
and Donald Trump is President of the United States.

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Re: Madalyn Murray O’Hair bio-drama
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2017, 05:28:57 PM »
Hard to imagine this not coming across as either a hatchet piece or a mild hagiography.   She was such a weirdo in the end that accurately portraying the last few years(which are the most interesting) would almost necessarily come across as a hit piece. 

From what I understand she pretty much alienated everyone else involved in American Atheists and its hard to make someone who said:
"One could call this a postnatal abortion on the part of a mother, I guess; I repudiate him entirely and completely for now and all times ... he is beyond human forgiveness
when her son became a christian seem sympathetic with out ignoring it. 

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Re: Madalyn Murray O’Hair bio-drama
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2017, 06:25:48 PM »
I'm really not a fan of hers, tbh. It should be interesting to watch, nonetheless.